Friday, October 28, 2022

North Dakota State Vs Nebraska Preview (11-4-2022)


Got some exciting action going on between the Bison & the Cornhuskers this Friday. There will be some great matches to look forward to. 

133 lbs
U.R. McGwire Midkiff Vs #24 Boo Dryden 

I believe this match will be much better than the current rankings indicate. While unranked at the moment McGwire Midkiff can be quite tough. From Boo Dryden's perspective, Midkiff will be a great opening test as he looks to prove himself among the red and white faithful. 

141 lbs
#9 Dylan Droegemueller Vs #28 Brock Hardy

Here's another good match to look forward to on Friday. Thus far the only common link between Droegemueller & Hardy is the common opponent of Michael Blockhus of Minnesota. While Droegemueller is 1-2 Vs the Golden Gopher, Hardy is 1-0. Again another meeting that should be better on the mat than what it is on paper. 

149 lbs
U.R. Kellyn March Vs #4 Ridge Lovett

Now March is outclassed here by Lovett, but I think he's much better than the current unranked he is listed at now. I think he will show that in this match. While I don't think he stands a chance at an upset here, I do think he can keep this match to a decision.  

157 lbs
#9 Jared Franek Vs #4 Peyton Robb 

Here's your match of the dual guys. I said in my NDSU preview that Jared Franek is one of the best wrestlers in 22'-23' yet to be an All American & I meant it. Peyton Robb of Nebraska is an NCAA title contender & I think he'll show that. In fact, I'd say both of these guys are. Sometimes as a collegiate wrestler you get to ease yourself into the season & other times, you're up against the Tiger right out of the gate. Here's to the match that's worth the price of admission alone. 

165 lbs
#19 Mikey Caliendo Vs #13 Bubba Wilson 

The rankings already state that they feel Bubba Wilson is a top 12-15 wrestler in the nation. I say by season's end, he'll be a strong candidate for All American status. Right at the get go, he has one heck of a challenge in Mikey Caliendo. Caliendo who is looking to make more of a name for himself in the collegiate ranks will be looking to upset Wilson, so Wilson better be on his toes. A battle of two tough young wrestlers. 

197 lbs
#21 Owen Pentz Vs #27 Silas Allred

The keeper of the falls, Owen Pentz has himself a tough opening challenge Vs Silas Allred. Both of these guys will be trying to put the other to his back. I can see a lot of action in this one. 

#24 Brandon Metz Vs #28 Cale Davidson 

Another match between two heavyweights not far from one another in the rankings. Metz is all of 285 lbs as he carries a tremendous amount of weight in his hips & lower body. He'll want to use this size difference to his advantage. If he can get a lead on Davidson, he can make himself very difficult to score on. Davidson will look to use speed as he tries to wear out his larger opponent. 

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  1. Word is Bubba lost wrestle-offs rather handily. He will not be the starter!