Tuesday, October 18, 2022

2022-2023 An Historical Season for Collegiate Wrestling

 A lot of history will be made this collegiate wrestling season & even more history has the potential to be made as well. I don't know if everyone realizes how many monumental, significant moments will happen this season. 

Here are some that I am aware of...

Our First Official Season of Varsity/Sanctioned NCAA Women's Wrestling 

I'm careful about the way I word this because we've had outstanding women's wrestling at the WCWA level for years. I want to both recognize and appreciate that as I welcome NCAA Women's wrestling. I am excited to see what NCAA Women's wrestling looks like & what it does for women's wrestling in general. I think the possibilities are endless. I'm excited to see it at Carver Hawkeye arena with the Iowa Women's Wrestling team. I think this is not only the best thing to happen for women in wrestling, I also think in a lot of ways we'll discover that it is one of the best things for men too. Greedy athletic directors, football coaches who think they're the only ones who matter & university presidents that rely on ignorance have been using Title IX as a scapegoat for 50 years. The more women's wrestling grows, the less they're going to be able to do that. Not many things are win/win situations with nearly all positives. This is. 

We Could very well crown two four time NCAA DI Champs 

This is very significant.  Iowa could crown their first ever four time NCAA champion & Cornell could crown their second. With the handful of four time NCAA champions that have been produced over the years, we have never had more than one crowned in the same season.  We may never again.  Many will point to COVID-19 & want *.  * or not, both of these individuals have only participated in a total of what will be four national tournaments. Winning four titles is a huge deal & the fact that there are two individuals who could do it, is even bigger. 

Boldmaa Looks to become the NAIA's eighth four time NAIA champion 

Baagii Goldma of Doane will be looking to become the eighth four time NAIA champion this season. 

The Gimson brothers could mark the first time in NAIA history where brothers meet in the national finals. 

I'm very excited about this & it has a high probability of happening. Conner Gimson a two time NAIA champion could very well meet his brother Matt (who has thus far been 8th & 3rd) in the finals this season. Can you imagine that? Two brothers meeting in the finals for an NAIA national title? I can't believe more aren't talking about this potential once in a lifetime matchup. 

Kordell Norfleet could become the PAC-12's first (and for that matter only) five time champion. 

Ironically enough after winning four PAC-12 titles, this season could very well represent his toughest challenge to win a fifth one. He'll have to go through Bernie Truax of Cal Poly to win #5. 

Appalachian State's Jonathan Millner looks to become the SOCON's first (and only) Five time Champion 

We crowned our first (and only) five time MAC champion in Matt Stencel of Central Michigan & our first five time EIWA champion Jordan Wood of Lehigh last season.  As noted, this year we might crown our first five time PAC-12 champion. We might also crown our first five time SOCON champion.  Matter of fact, I would bet on it.  I don't see anyone even remotely challenging Millner this season. 

Shane Liegel looks to become the Duhawks first two time NCAA DIII champion 

While Loras has produced many NCAA DIII champions over the years, they have never had anyone win more than one title. Shane Liegel could very well become their first two time champion this season. 

DePrez looks to become Binghamton's first four time EIWA Champion 

It's a really big deal when a school crowns their first four time conference champion. It'll be one Hell of a challenge, but the Bearcats could very well do so with Louie DePrez this season. 

Olivet looks to crown their first NCAA DIII Champion since 1984 

It's been 39 years since Olivet has crowned an NCAA DIII champion & they have an excellent opportunity to do so this year with Donovan King. 

Mason looks to become Bloomsburg's first MAC Champion 

It's been a bit of a rocky road for the Huskies since moving into the MAC from the now defunct EWL.  They haven't crowned an MAC champion yet, but have a candidate in Josh Mason. 

This one's Personal....

While my high school, Sigourney (Iowa) has produced some great collegiate wrestlers over the years, we have never had a national champion. We've also never had a three time All American. I realize that I'm probably the only one who will read this who cares, but that is very exciting for me.  To know that we are likely to crown our first three time AA & that he could be our first champion! Kaleb Reeves of Coe College, NCAA DIII. 


This one I'm not sure if it'd be a record or not. I've asked a few other experts and no one seems to know for sure.  Who is the oldest All American in collegiate history? I remember years ago when 28 year old Dan Waters of American earned NCAA DI All American status, they made a big deal out of his age. Of course we had World War II vets wrestling on their G.I. Bills back in the mid to late 40's & early 50's.  Yet 32 year old sophomore Ben Provisor seems to fit some sort of bill here himself.  If he were to All American at 32 years old, would that be some sort of a record?  That I would like to know.

Here's to history wrestling fans!! 

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