Monday, October 17, 2022

2023 NCAA DI The Season: New Teams/Miscellaneous


I really thought that Bryce Cockrell would be the Sharks first NCAA DI qualifier, but I see that he is no longer on the roster. I'm hoping to see LIU have some successes in the seasons to come. 

I absolutely love seeing the Diplomats have success on the mat. Last year watching Wil Gil have a great final EIWA tournament taking a strong 3rd place finish was very rewarding. I have no doubt that F&M will again produce more great wrestlers, but I'm just not sure who that particular someone will be yet. 

I've already written quite a bit about Morgan State Wrestling, so you know how excited I am to see the Bears back on the mat. It won't be till 23'-24', but man oh man am I excited. 

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