Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Gone, Lost & Forgotten: Their Best = Pacific Lutheran

A private Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington, Pacific Lutheran at one time had a rather competitive wrestling program.  It was discontinued after the 2003-2004 season by athletic director Paul Hoseth because of a lack of nearby programs & the conference dropping the sport.   

Paul Giovanni
134 lbs  

Giovanni was a two time NAIA All American for the Lutes.  He placed seventh in 1980 & fifth in 1981. 

Mike Agostini
177 lbs 

Agostini earned All American status twice for the Lutes.  He was fifth in 1982 & seventh in 1984. 

Chris Wolfe
142, 177 lbs 

Graduating from Curtis High school with a record of 72-10, Wolfe spent his first year of collegiate wrestling at Eastern Washington.  He transferred to Pacific Lutheran where he earned NAIA All American status twice.  After finishing in third place in 1985, he placed sixth in 1986.  He ended his career with a record of 122-35. 

He became head coach of the Lutes in 1988 & would serve until 1995, twice earning District Coach of the Year honors. 

He then took over the Steilacoom High school program leading his team to two District titles and two Regional titles. 

Adrian Rodriguez
126 lbs 

Rodriguez was an NAIA runner up in 1987. 

Brian Peterson
150, 158 lbs 

Accumulating 114 career wins over his illustrious career, Peterson made the NAIA finals in 1993, winning an NAIA title in 1994.  

Tuan Nguyen
118 lbs 

Nguyen earned NAIA All American honors for the Lutes on two occasions.  He was fourth in 1996 & third in 1997. 

Josh Aiken 
150 lbs 

After finishing in fifth place at the 1996 NAIA nationals & earning runner up honors in 1997, Aiken later became head coach at Pacific Lutheran.  Although the program (as mentioned earlier) was dropped after the 2004 season, athletic director Paul Hoseth did allow Aiken to continue wrestling camps the following Spring & Summer. 

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