Thursday, January 13, 2022

Top Matches to Watch Today (Friday January 14th, 2022)


Chattanooga Vs Virginia 

125 lbs - #22 Fabian Gutierrez Vs U.R. Patrick McCormick 

The 2021-2022 season thus far has not been very good to McCormick, but there is still plenty of time left between now and the end of March to turn things around. This weekend he'll have two golden opportunities to knock off ranked opponents. The first will be Gutierrez who will be no easy target. Gutierrez is coming off a high of placing 6th at the Southern Scuffle after two previous attempts of finishing one match shy of a medal.  

184 lbs - U.R. Matt Waddell Vs U.R. Matt Battista 

Waddell a two time NCAA qualifier has currently had an up and down season that has seen him slip out of the rankings. While a win won't necessarily help him to get into the rankings a loss certainly won't help either.  He's defeated Battista before, 7-2, but this is a match that he'll want to be well prepared for. 

Kent State Vs Maryland 

184 - U.R. Colin McCracken Vs #12 Kyle Cochran 

You wouldn't think that a guy ranked in the top 12 in the nation who is coming off of a Southern Scuffle championship would have to worry about an unranked opponent, but in this particular case, I would in the least respect what my opponent was capable of if I were Kyle Cochran. McCracken may not be in the top 33 as of today, but he is an NCAA qualifier and he has some notable wins in his resume. 

Pennsylvania Vs Oklahoma 

125 - #29 Ryan Miller Vs #23 Joey Prata

Here we have a young, hungry true freshman trying to make a name for himself as a senior who has spent most of his career as a backup, is out to prove to the world that success can come later even if it didn't come earlier. The common link between these two is Justin Cardani of Illinois, who beat Miller by a nosehair and lost to Prata by a nose hair. In an epic battle of youth Vs experience, this will be a war. 

133 - #13 Anthony Madrigal Vs #22 Michael Colaiocco 

Both of these guys have a similar resume, with the * being that Colaiocco has defeated Appalachian State's Codi Russell, whereas Madrigal has lost to him twice. I wouldn't put too much stock in that result, but I would keep it in the back of your mind. Madrigal has made some vast improvements this season, and Colaiocco will test them. 

141 - U.R. Dom Demas Vs #20 C.J. Composto 

4th as a freshman & R12 last season, I'm not sure if the rankers forgot about him or thought of him at 149 behind Mitch Moore or what.  No criticism from me. When you try and keep track of everyone, it is difficult to remember everyone all the time. Gawd knows the mistakes and mental errors I've made. So again, no judgment.  However, he is currently unranked, therefore a win over Composto would technically be an upset.  Composto unfortunately missed out on his freshman season, but thus far has made the most out of his sophomore season. This includes making the Matmen finals with a major decision over Parker Filius of Purdue in the quarterfinals & even more impressive a 7-5 decision over Cole Matthews of Pittsburgh in the semi-finals.  I wouldn't rule out a win for Composto. 

149 -#15 Mitch Moore Vs #26 Anthony Artalona 

A battle of the wills. We have two talented individuals here that have both been in the NCAA R12 match in their careers. While both are looking to finish top 8 this season, a win over the other marks for big points on down the line. 

157- #16 Justin Thomas Vs #22 Doug Zapf 

Zapf is looking for an upset, while Thomas is trying to avoid one. The commonality here is Lehigh's Josh Humphreys who beat Thomas in a close match and who lost to Zapf in a close match. Again the parity of wrestling says not to put a lot of stock into comparing common opponents, but it is what it is. This will be a good match. 

165 - #28 Joe Grello Vs #26 Lucas Revano 

This will be a very good match with two guys that are about even in the rankings. 

174 - U.R. Anthony Mantanona Vs #25 Nick Incontrera 

I heard Roger Daltrey singing about Anthony Mantanona the other day.  He sang, "Mantanona goes in and out and in and out." He was referring to the rankings. Before the season is said and done, he'll be back in the rankings. This weekend? A win over Incontrera would certainly do it. 

184 - #21 Darrien Roberts Vs #32 Neil Antrassian 

No common opponents among these two and I'm gonna go with Roberts in this one, but believe Antrassian will give him a decent match. 

197 - #32 Jake Woodley Vs U.R. Cole Urbas 

Woodley handled Urbas 11-3 the last time they met and I'm 95% positive that will be the same result we see this weekend. However, Urbas can pull off some pretty remarkable performances sometimes and that's the 5% that lingers in the back of my mind. 

HWT - #27 Josh Heindselman Vs #32 Ben Goldin 

Amateur wrestling doesn't have many, but Josh Heindselman has went above and beyond to make himself out to be a heel.  His choice to act that way and our choice to respond appropriately to it.  If he can back it up, great, but I wouldn't get none too cocky against Ben Goldin. Without any fanfare or recognition, Goldin has proven himself to be a much improved wrestler this season. This is a guy that lost via technical fall to Joe Doyle in the past & then came back to beat Doyle two times in a row. Come later today, Silence may in fact be Goldin. 

Chattanooga Vs Maryland 

165 lbs - U.R. Drew Nicholson Vs U.R. John Martin Best 

Neither one of these guys are ranked at the moment but if I were a betting man, I'd say both are in the 34th-39th range, well within the plausibility of qualifying for the NCAA championships this year. Nicholson an NCAA qualifier last season and Best, a freshman looking to make the NCAA tournament four years in a row. Something that hasn't been done by a Terrapin in quite a while. 

184 - U.R. Matt Waddell Vs #12 Kyle Cochran

This will be the second match in a row that Cochran is going to have to avoid being knocked off by an unranked opponent.  Again Cochran is heavily favored but I'll tell you why I'd at least consider Waddell to be somewhat of a threat. Cochran came into Waddell's house and won a title in his domain, while he missed out on a medal himself. That's gotta sting. That's gotta itch something bad. Talk about ultimate vengeance if he were to come into this match and get the W. 

Kent State Vs Oklahoma 

125 - U.R. Jake Ferri Vs #23 Joey Prata 

I think Prata will be ok in this match, but I wouldn't over look Ferri. He's pulled off upsets in the past & he will again. 

184 - U.R. Colin McCracken Vs #21 Darrien Roberts

I'm going to say the same thing about McCracken that I said a little while ago. He's just one of those guys that despite being unranked you never want to count out of a match.  Take into consideration that he has  a victory over Cam Caffey of Michigan State, who beat Roberts. Now Roberts has also beaten opponents who McCracken lost to too. So take it for what it's worth. 

Pennsylvania Vs Virginia 

125 - #29 Ryan Miller Vs U.R. Pat McCormick 

This give McCormick yet another chance to redeem himself in the second half of the season as he takes on Ryan Miller.  Their commonality here is Caleb Smith of Appalachian State who they have both lost to and who McCormick owns a win against. 

133 - #22 Michael Colaiocco Vs #14 Brian Courtney 

An opportunity to move up in the rankings presents itself for Colaiocco here. One of his best wins to date is over All American Chris Cannon of Northwestern, who owns a win over Courtney. Style wise though, Courtney could pose a fit for Colaiocco. 

149 - #26 Anthony Artalona Vs U.R. Jared Verkleeren 

An NCAA qualifier in 2020 and an 11-4 record thus far this season, Verkleeren still remains unranked at the present moment. I guess it's going to take a big win to get him in their and a win over Artalona would certainly do it. The last time the two met, Artalona won a 4-2 decision. I predict a similar match. Don't see a lot of scoring in this one. It'll be who can get who out of position first. 

165 - #26 Lucas Revano Vs #16 Justin McCoy 

Parity rears its pretty face yet again.  Revano owns a 4-2 victory over Evan Barczak of Drexel who defeated McCoy 4-0. Yet McCoy owns a 4-3 victory over North Carolina's Kizhan Clarke, who defeated Revano 4-2.  That makes things interesting doesn't it? 

197 - #14 Jay Aiello Vs U.R. Cole Urbas

On paper I'd chalk this one up as a major decision for Aiello, BUT....remember how I said earlier that Urbas can wrestle very well at times. Well, one of those times where he looked pretty good was when he took Aiello to a 4-3 decision.  I have a gut feeling that Aiello will open it up more and widen the score, but this was the last result. 

HWT - #32 Ben Goldin Vs #28 Quinn Miller

Another opportunity today for Goldin to showcase the improvements that he has made against Miller who has defeated him in the past 6-0. 

Bucknell Vs Harvard 

141 lbs - #23 Darren Miller Vs U.R. Michael Jaffe 

If you've read my writing in the past you know that I refer to the Jaffe brothers from Harvard as magicians. Why? Because they both decide from time to time that, "Hey, I'm gonna wrestle well today and pull a win out of nowhere!"  He already dang near did against Miller in the past.  While Miller does own an 8-2 victory over Jaffe, Jaffe also took him into sudden victory once to, losing a narrow 10-8 decision.  

165 lbs - #18 Zach Hartman Vs #12 Philip Conigliaro 

This should prove to be one of the best matches today.  This is Must Watch match if you're looking for those you cannot miss.  They're 1-1, with Hartman owning a 8-6 sudden victory and Conigliaro owning a 7-3 decision. 

174 - #28 Jaden Fisher Vs #30 Joshua Kim 

A similar background, Mason Kauffman of Northern Illinois is the one common denominator between the two.  Fisher lost 8-6 and Kim lost 6-3. Take that for what it's worth. 

Clarion Vs Cleveland State

149 #30 Brent Moore Vs #33 Marcus Robinson 

By ranking and result this match favors Moore, but Robinson seems to always be up for big matches and I wouldn't count him out completely. 

Columbia Vs Lehigh 

125 lbs - #20 Joe Manchio Vs #15 Jaret Lane 

With an 18-15 victory over Cornell, at least Dual meet wise, I think Lehigh has established themselves as King in the EIWA. With that said, while Lehigh will win this dual with Columbia, I think that in more than one way the Lions will show the Mountain Hawks that they do indeed belong with them on the mat.  This match between Manchio and Lane will be one of five examples.  Separated by five spots in the rankings, both have victories over opponents that the other lost to.  

133 - U.R. Angelo Rini Vs #19 Malyke Hines 

A very rare occurrence in wrestling, Rini and Hines are both 3-0 against the same three opponents with both winning by fall, major and decision against the exact same three opponents. Rankings sometimes mean a lot in a match and other times they don't. This is other times. Rini has shown he can pull off upsets and Hines has shown he's susceptible to them. 

141 - #17 Matt Kazimir Vs U.R. Connor McGonagle 

While the Lions will look for opportunities to upset the Mountain Hawks, they'll want to avoid upsets themselves. This is one of those instances. On paper Kazimir is favored over McGonagle but on the mat, I think this one will prove that it could go either way. 

165 - #22 Josh Ogunsanya Vs #25 Brian Meyer 

Both of these guys have had roller coaster seasons so far in 2021-2022, with their highs outweighing their lows. Ogunsanya looked very good at CKLV with a 7th place finish and Meyer has pulled off some very nice wins this season including EIWA champion Holden Heller of Hofstra and NCAA finalist Jake Wentzel of Lehigh.  Should be a very good match. 

174 - U.R. Nick Fine Vs #33 Jake Logan 

Here's another opportunity for Columbia to pull off an upset against Lehigh.  Fine had a very nice win this past weekend over Ben Pasiuk of Army, who has split with Logan.  Logan barely within the top 33 and Fine just outside of it. 

Michigan Vs Ohio State 

125 lbs - #1 Nick Suriano Vs #18 Malik Heinselman 

Suriano is heavily favored in this match and is likely to not only win, but win convincingly.  Nevertheless, one this is for certain. Heinselman won't back down from him. Some would go into a match cautious and fearful of having to wrestle the #1 ranked guy in the nation. Heinselman will see it as an opportunity. 

141 lbs - #4 Stevan Micic Vs #21 Dylan D'Emilio 

Last weekend Cole Matthews of Pittsburgh showed us that Micic is human after all. The only thing missing from the match was Duke from Rocky IV screaming in the corner, "You hurt him! You see? He's not a machine! He's a man."  To add fuel to the fire that is the idea of Micic being vulnerable, D'Emilio owns a 4-3 victory over Matthews. With that said, a guy like Micic has done as well as he's done throughout his career for a reason. Everyone has hiccups here and there and last week was Micic hiccups. He's still heavily favored in this match.  

149 lbs - #16 Kanen Storr Vs #2 Sammy Sasso

Thus far Sasso has been able to pretty much shut down Storr's offense in four separate matches.  A 5-0 decision, a 3-0 decision, an 8-1 decision and a 19-4 technical fall. I think this will be a close match between the two, but despite how close the score may be, it'll be obvious that Sasso is in control the whole time. 

157 lbs - #15 Will Lewan Vs U.R. Jashon Hubbard 

Despite the fact that Lewan is ranked and Hubbard is not, I still think this is going to be a good tight match that could go either way.  I say this for two reasons.  First and foremost, Lewan isn't a big point getter.  Win by 10 points or win by 1 point, to him a W is a W.  Against a guy like Hubbard, I don't see him taking risks to try and rack up the score. This one will be kept close.  Secondly of all, Hubbard owns a victory over Pittsbugh's Elijah Cleary who owns a win over Lewan.  This one will be far closer than rankings suggest. 

165 lbs - #10 Cam Amine Vs #7 Carson Kharchla 

This will be a very good match.  The last these two met, Kharchla squeaked out a 3-2 decision and we should see a similar result between the two later today.   

174 lbs - #6 Logan Massa Vs #7 Ethan Smith 

The BIG 10 at 174 is crazy competitive and this is another representation as to why.  Wins and losses against in-conference competition are so vitally crucial, and both of these guys are more than aware of that. This will be the first meeting between the two, but we're likely to see them meet again this year. 

184 lbs - #2 Myles Amine Vs #7 Kaleb Romero 

While I believe that Romero will prove that be belongs on the mat with Amine, I don't see Amine in any danger of losing this match. He'll prove why he's ranked to make his first NCAA final. 

197 lbs - #8 Patrick Brucki Vs #20 Gavin Hoffman 

I think this match presents itself a very slight possibility for an upset.  Brucki defeated Hoffman 8-5 the last time the two met & I predict a similar outcome for this match. 

HWT - #2 Mason Parris Vs #12 Tate Orndorff 

This will be an example of Parris showing the nation why he is the clear #2 to meet Minnesota's Gable Steveson in the NCAA finals this year.  The last time the two met Parris won 20-5 technical fall, and we're talking about a guy who was an All American last season. 

Arizona State Vs Pittsburgh 

125 lbs - #4 Brandon Courtney Vs #32 Gage Curry 

This presents an ultimate opportunity for Gage Curry to improve his stock and knock off a returning NCAA finalist.  He already owns a victory over Courtney 7-6.  Regardless of who wins this matchup, it'll be a lot closer than the 4 & 32 rankings suggest. 

133 lbs - #4 Michael McGee Vs #7 Micky Phillippi 

This is one that I am looking very forward to. The way McGee has looked lately, Phillippi better be ready to battle. Both wrestlers have looked good this season, with both having head scratcher losses. Phillippi lost via defensive fall to Malyke Hines Lehigh & McGee despite how dominate he looked against Dylan Ragusin of Michigan, dropped an 8-7 loss to Job Greenwood of Wyoming.  Both of these guys are capable of great accomplishment, while both are also suspetible to loss.  Will be a good match. 

141 lbs - #16 Jesse Vasquez vs #22 Cole Matthews 

After knocking off #4 Stevan Micic of Michigan last week, Cole Matthews is on  hot streak looking for another upset as he takes on Vasquez. Vasquez has looked pretty solid in his own right this season, with his only loss being to NCAA champion Nick Lee of Penn State. Great opportunity for Matthews to knock off a higher ranked opponent and a great opportunity for Vasquez to add another notable victory to his already impressive freshman campaign. 

157 lbs - #13 Jacori Teemer Vs #21 Elijah Cleary 

Teemer already owns a 6-2 victory over Cleary and as long as he wrestles his match on his terms, he should come out of this one with a similar finish.  He'll want to keep the action fast paced and well spaced, relying on is speed and explosiveness. He doesn't want Cleary to tie him up and slow him down. 

165 lbs - #6 Anthony Valencia Vs #13 Jake Wentzel 

Like a magician waiting in the wings, I think Anthony Valencia is an NCAA title contender that few are taking seriously at this point, but more will take into consideration after tonight.  It's been four years, but the last time these two met on the mat, A Val had Wentzel on his back for a good part of it in a 15-3 demolishing. Do I think he'll manhandle Wentzel in the same manner again? No, I don't but I do think he'll show the world that come March, Zahid might not be the only Valencia with collegiate wrestling's most coveted wall chart at home. 

197 lbs - #10 Kordell Norfleet Vs #9 Nino Bonaccorsi 

3/4's of this dual meet between the Sundevils and the Panthers is going to be wrestlers trying to knock off higher ranked opponents Vs wrestlers trying to hold on to there's.  This match will be no different.  Bonaccorsi was an NCAA finalist last season and Norfleet has yet to make All American status. A win for Norfleet would be huge for his confidence as well as future seeding. Bonaccorsi owning a 4-1 decision, this will be a classic confrontation. 

Illinois vs Rutgers 

125 lbs - #26 Justin Cardani Vs #31 Dylan Shawver 

This will be a good match between two young talents with similar rankings. From where I sit, a slight favor for Cardani but this one could go either way. 

133 lbs - #6 Lucas Byrd Vs #20 Joey Olivieri  

Despite an overtime loss to Anthony Madrigal of Oklahoma, Byrd has looked very sharp so far this season. Victories over Dylan Ragusin of Michigan and Micky Phillippi of Pittsburgh suggest that he shouldn't have much if any trouble with Olivieri, but Olivieri has shown some skill this year himself.  Racking up 15 wins thus far as a true freshman, Byrd will want to go into this one with the realization that he has a young guy looking to knock him off. 

149 lbs - U.R. Christian Kanzler Vs #18 Mike Van Brill

If you've been following Johnnythompsonnum1 this season, you know that I've been very praiseful of Christian Kanzler and the way that he has came in and stepped it up for the Illini in the absence of All American Dylan Duncan. He has been a surprise to the wrestling community how well he has performed for the Illini this season. He already owns some notable victories and by this point, probably should be in the rankings somewhere.  Is he capable of pulling off a win over Mike Van Brill? I think circumstances are certainly on his side to do so today.  MVB is an emotional wrestler that has an assortment of reactions to results.  Last week he dropped his first loss of the season, an 11-1 major decision to Austin Gomez of Wisconsin and that loss is either going to be in favor of Kanzler or it's going to in polar opposition.  MVB is the type that can respond in vengeance ready to conquor the world or he can be the type to linger within his doubts. We'll find out with MVB shows up later today and to give credit where credit is due, even if the prior shows up, Kanzler still has the talent and ability to go toe to toe with him. 

184 lbs - #19 Zach Braunagel Vs #5 John Poznanski 

The Braunagel brother of Illinois have to be two of the hardest wrestlers in the nation to rank. Both Danny and Zach pull off some incredible victories and then both end up losing matches that you would have bet the farm on that they would have won.  Is Braunagel capable of possible knocking Poznanski off? I'd say so.  If nothing else a result against Owen Webster of Minnesota.  Webster owns a 6-4 victory over Poznanski and has a 6-4 loss to Braunagel.  Win or lose, another case of ranking and result differing far more than they compare. 

HWT - #17 Luke Luffman Vs Boone McDermott 

Almost positive this one is a W for the Illini, but putting it down because McDermott is one of those guys outside the top 33 that will probably be back within it before season's end. 

Northern Colorado Vs Northern Iowa 

141 - #8 Andrew Alirez Vs #25 Cael Happel 

Here is another match that will be better on the mat than what it is on paper. I think although he'll get beat on his feet, Happel will show his skills in the top position against Alirez.  Not sure about turning him for any points, but a real possibility of racking up riding time. 

Iowa Vs Northwestern 

125 lbs - #12 Drake Ayala Vs #7 Michael DeAugustino 

If this ain't the most anticipated match of the day? Drake Ayala continues to prove himself as a replacement for Spencer Lee as Michael DeAugustino continues to climb the rankings ladder himself. Now that Lee is out, Michigan's Nick Suriano has become the man in the BIG 10 & everyone else is looking to meet him in the finals and possibly knock him off. All wins count & both of these guys want to be in the BIG 10 finals come conference tournament time. From a team perspective, this is an important victory for Iowa. 

133 lbs - #3 Austin DeSanto Vs #9 Chris Cannon

The DeSanto that is on fire, 1,000 mph, go, go, go, attack, attack, attack will want to show up for this match because if the sluggish DeSanto shows up, Chris Cannon will make him pay dearly for it. I can see a lot happening in this match and 90% of it depends on where DeSanto is mentally for it. 

149 lbs - #12 Max Murin Vs #5 Yahya Thomas 

Murin owns a 4-3 decision over Thomas, so it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that he could pull off an upset, but Thomas has improved quite a bit since that last meeting. Textbook technique Vs an unorthodox style, we'll see by the book vs make it up as he goes in this matchup. 

157 lbs - #12 Kaleb Young Vs #2 Ryan Deakin 

I think as this point, Ryan Deakin is untouchable.  While Gable Steveson is the #1 wrestler in the nation, and you're not convincing a soul otherwise, I would argue that when it is all said and done, in any other time with Steveson around, Deakin would be our Hodge winner. That's how much faith I have in this guy's ability and talent.  With that said, he's 2-2 with Young.  It's hard to believe at this point but Young has defeated Deakin twice in sudden victory and even in two losses, has looked like he belongs on the mat with Deakin.  At this point everything is pointing at Deakin going out on the mat and having his way with Young, but a part of me is so badly wanting Young to go out on the mat and show once again that he belongs there. I'm not a huge fan of critics. Especially those that are so harsh & I've seen plenty for Young this season, even within the Hawkeye community.  Just love to see anything happen to shut those people up.  Nothing would do so more than Young having a good performance today. 

165 - #1 Alex Marinelli Vs #32 David Ferrante 

As he found out with Minnesota backup Cael Carlson, despite what someone else may be ranked, you never want to go into a match with anything less than your best. Should be a solid textbook victory for Marinelli, but look for Ferrante to show fight. 

174 - U.R. Josh Swafford Vs #28 Troy Fisher

There's a good chance that Iowa puts Mike Kemerer in here instead, but I for one would really like to see exactly where Swafford stands within the competition at 174.  We got a small glimpse with his 6th place finish at the Southern Scuffle, but we could certainly use more. I believe Swafford to at least be a top 25 wrestler & a match against a guy like Troy Fisher would test that theory in action. 

197 - #5 Jacob Warner Vs #28 Andrew Davison 

I've had plenty of examples throughout this preview of when wrestlers aren't as far apart as the rankings suggest, but there are times when they are. I think this is one of those cases. I don't see Warner getting a major decision, but I do think he'll win by a decisive decision. 

HWT - #5 Tony Cassioppi Vs #14 Lucas Davison 

As proven against Jack DelGarbino of Princeton, you don't want to let your guard down against anyone.I think Cassioppi has clearly learned his lesson and won't lose to anyone ranked lower than him for the rest of the season.  

Minnesota Vs Nebraska 

133 lbs - #24 Jake Gliva Vs U.R. Alex Thomsen 

Thomsen has done some good things in his career, but he has yet to get the credit for it.  Owning a 9-1 major decision and a 10-4 decision over Gliva, I would say his chances are more than decent to pull off an "upset" in this match.  A win over a top 25 opponent, I would think would at least qualify him for consideration to be ranked.  We'll find out. 

141 lbs - #17 Jake Bergeland Vs #9 Chad Red Jr 

Based on the results of common opponents, on paper it is heavily suggested that Red should win and possibly by major decision. He owns victories over other wrestlers who have beaten Bergeland by pretty decisive decisions, including a technical fall. Parity always makes fools out of predictors, but I think we'll see Red open up in this match, showing his speed and aggression. 

149 lbs - #24 Michael Blockhus Vs #4 Ridge Lovett 

Lovett has really opened it up this season showing the wrestling community that he is making a run for the national title with wins over North Carolina's Zach Sherman & Stanford's Jaden Abas, while at the same time taking Cornell's seemingly unstoppable Yianni Diakomihalis into sudden victory. At this point it wouldn't seem like Blockhus would be much of a challenge for him, but let's keep in mind that it took a tiebreaker for Lovett to get past Blockhus the last time the two met. While Blockhus has yet to have that huge, breakthrough victory yet in his career, he is more than capable of it. This is a match that could easily turn out much better on the mat, than what it's predicted to be on paper. 

157 lbs - #4 Brayton Lee Vs #5 Peyton Robb 

Essentially while neither is an odds on favorite, both Lee & Robb have shown themselves in the least to be Darkhorse NCAA title contenders. Per plausible seeding for both the BIG 10 and the NCAA, both of these guys want to win this vital meeting. I think Robb will be the one to initiate the offense, while Lee will sit back waiting to retaliate. 

165 lbs - U.R. Cael Carlson Vs U.R. Bubba Wilson

The wrestling community doesn't always pay as much attention as what it should and Cael Carlson is a great example of that fact. He's so much more than, "Andrew Spark's backup." In fact, he's Andrew Sparks neck & neck competition in the room, fighting for the varsity spot.  On the same hand another top U.R. guy at 165 lbs is freshman Bubba Wilson.  Wilson worked his way to his first of what will one day be four CKLV medals, with an 8th place finish earlier this season.  This match between two talented freshmen, both of which are more than capable of being top 33 by year's end, is one that I want to see. Even if it is Sparks instead of Carlson, I think Wilson will show why if he's not in the top 33, he almost has to be #34. 

174 - #23 Bailee O'Reilly Vs #5 Mikey Labriola 

It's been all Labriola the last time these two met, with an 11-4 decision and a 17-7 major decision. With that said, Gerrit Nijenhuis of Purdue showed us last weekend that Labriola is susceptible to being  upset. If you aren't tired of the word parity yet, Bernie Truax of Cal Poly owns a victory over Labriola. O'Reilly owns a major decision over Truax. 

184 lbs - #28 Isaiah Salazar Vs #11 Taylor Venz 

Predicting a decisive decision/possible major decision for Venz over Salazar.  

197 lbs - #30 Michial Foy Vs #4 Eric Schultz 

This is most certainly a match that will be much better on the mat than what it will be on paper.  Last weekend Foy took #5 Jacob Warner of Iowa to a 6-4 decision & will likely give the Husker everything he has the same way he did the Hawkeye.  While the match favors Schultz, look for it to be a 1 or 2 pointer. 

HWT - #1 Gable Steveson Vs #11 Christian Lance 

This will simply be yet another demonstration of Steveson showing us why he's the most feared wrestler in collegiate wrestling today. 

North Dakota State Vs Utah Valley 

133- #25 Kellyn March Vs #15 Haiden Drury

The last two matches between March and Drury have been pretty good scraps with Drury coming out 7-3 and 6-4 in both meetings. I expect March to close the gap even more in this match, possibly taking Drury into overtime or even the tiebreakers. 

141 - #29 Dylan Drogemueller Vs U.R. Ty Smith 

Based on style and similar results Vs common opponents, this is an upset I can see Smith plausibly pulling off.  I hope that by reading over my previews, it helps to give you a true understanding of just how insanely competitive NCAA DI wrestling is and how difficult it is to be a top 33 wrestler in the nation.  A match like this provides testimony to that argument. 

Iowa State Vs Wyoming 

149 - #23 Jarrett Degen Vs U.R. Jaron Jensen 

A four time NCAA qualifer/All American Vs a guy who has yet to make the NCAA tournament in four tries seems like a pretty open and shut case.  Yet, I wouldn't plan the execution until hearing the verdict on this one. After finishing a disappointing 5-10 last season, which saw his last match of the season end in an 18-8 major decision loss to Northern Iowa's Tristan Lara, Jensen has made some vast improvements. He's currently 14-5 on the season, a mere 5 matches away from having more wins in a single season than he has ever had before.  One of those wins was against Lara, who he defeated 5-2.  Degen is obviously favored in this match & you'd be the wiser to bet on him.  I'm simply pointing out that he better be awake and ready for Jensen, cause Jensen will come ready to wrestle. 

157 - #1 David Carr Vs #14 Jacob Wright 

The last time that Carr and Wright met, Carr was all over the Cowboy in a 9-0 major decision.  While I don't think he'll be in any danger whatsoever during this match, I don't think he manhandles Wright like that again either. I'm thinking more along the lines of an 8-4, 9-5, 10-6 match. Where Carr is always one step ahead of Wright the entire match, but to where Wright holds his own. 

174 - #20 Joel Devine Vs #12 Hayden Hastings

Anyone who has the scoop on how & why Joel Shapiro became Joel Devine, do tell please.  I'd love to know the story behind that.  With that said, I think this match between Devine and Hastings is going to be a good one.  A close one. 

184 - #9 Marcus Coleman Vs #17 Tate Samuelson 

The last Coleman and Samuelson met, Coleman won by fall early into the third period. I don't think we'll see that type of result this match. In fact, I don't think we'll see anything like it at all. I think this is going to be one of the best matches of the night and you're not wrong picking either guy, cause this match could go either way. 

197 - #13 Yonger Bastida Vs #3 Stephen Buchanan 

I once had a junior varsity football coach tell us that we had the ability to get better every day.  In terms of NCAA Division I wrestling, I don't know anyone that displays that to be a truth better than Stephen Buchanan. The guy just seems to get better every time he steps on the mat. At one time I thought A.J Ferrari of Oklahoma State would go undefeated this season, no problem, but he could likely meet Buchanan at least two more times this season and I'm not so sure that he'd win them both.  With that said, Bastida has himself been much more dangerous this season than I initially thought he would be. Not only does he have an upset victory over Iowa's Jacob Warner, he himself took Ferrari to a 5-2 match.  Rankings don't reveal it, but this match is pretty even. 

HWT - #29 Sam Schuyler Vs #16 Brian Andrews 

Normally I would go with Andrews without thinking much about it, but Andrews has been injured off an on this season and I think that'll make a difference. Still going with Andrews on this one, but it might be closer than initially anticipated. 

Little Rock Vs Oregon State 

133 - U.R. Jayleen Carson Vs #12 Devan Turner 

It very well could have been a day when Carson was hot and Turner was cold, but the last time the two met Carson gave Turner one Hell of a fight in a 9-8 loss. Can he take the two time PAC-12 champion to the limit? We'll soon find out. 

165 - U.R. Tyler Brennan Vs U.R. Matt Olguin 

I think this will be a good match between two unranked guys, both riding that line of possibly being top 33 by year's end. 

174 - U.R. Triston Wills Vs #27 Aaron Olmos 

Much moreso than 133 lbs, 174 gives Little Rock yet another opportunity for one of their wrestlers to pull off an upset against Oregon State. Wills has looked good a few times throughout his career and he should here too.  

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