Friday, January 21, 2022

Nebraska Vs Wisconsin Preview (Tonight Jan 21st, 2022)


Overshadowed by Penn State Vs Michigan and Iowa Vs Ohio State, you better bet that Nebraska Vs Wisconsin will have just as much BIG 10 excitement as will those other two duals.  Both teams known for  upsets, I can't help but think we'll see a few from both ends.  I mean truly, who wears the red and white better?  (Technically we're talking Scarlet & cream Vs white & cardinal...but we can use our imaginations for a second here right?) 

125 - U.R. Liam Cronin Vs #8 Eric Barnett 

Despite not being ranked at the present time, Cronin not only has wins over such talent as Michael DeAugustino of Northwestern and Devon Schroder of Purdue, he's actually beaten Barnett twice. Once by fall in the first period, the other by a score of 7-4.  With that said, he hasn't looked all that great this year. He's lost a few matches that he shouldn't have lost and he's been out for two months.  Those three factors favor Barnett. I'd like to see Cronin back, because a #14 Nebraska will need him Vs a #8 Wisconsin.  If Cronin isn't back & Nebraska goes with Jeremiah Reno, Barnett had him teched half way through the second period last they met. 

133 - U.R. Alex Thomsen Vs #25 Kyle Burwick 

The move up to 133 lbs has not been kind to Thomsen thus far.  The other night he dropped an 8-3 decision to Jake Gliva of Minnesota, who he handled easily at 125 on two occasions 10-4 and 9-1.  I think eventually he will adjust to 133, but it has been difficult for him thus far.  Burwick on the other hand has had some very respectable showings this season. He defeated Gliva this past weekend 6-4 sudden victory.  Within due time, I think Thomsen will put on the size and strength needed to be competitive at 133, but I don't think that time will be now.  Size and strength will more than show in this match. Burwick by decision. 

141 - #9 Chad Red Jr Vs U.R. Joe Zargo 

This is the only match I see Nebraska putting bonus points up on the board. Red should get no less than a major against Zargo & as much as he likes to funk with cement mixers and occasional throws, we might even see a fall out of the Husker. 

149 - #4 Ridge Lovett Vs #8 Austin Gomez 

This could easily turn out to be the best match of the night.  You have two bound and determined guys going head to head in what will turn out to be no less than a war.  I can see this match going either way. 

157 - #5 Peyton Robb Vs #27 Garrett Model 

At first glance this one looks to already be in the bag for Nebraska, but I'm telling you if Model wrestled anything like he did against Brayton Lee the other night, Robb has himself a match on his hands!  Robb got to where he was because of the upsets he's pulled off this season, so he's well aware of what Model plans to do.  This one could be every bit as exciting as what 149 will be. 

165 - U.R. Bubba Wilson Vs #8 Dean Hamiti 

Two of my favorite freshmen this season go head to head later tonight. Eliminating the subjective and looking at this one 100% objectively, I see a major for Hamiti.  I'd love to think that maybe Wilson would give him a match, but at this point I think Hamiti will be a problem for Alex Marinelli when the Badgers wrestle Iowa on February 5th.  While I think in a couple of years Wilson will prove to be AA material, I think Hamiti is plausible NCAA champion right now.  

174 - #5 Mikey Labriola Vs #22 Andrew McNally 

Labriola found out against Gerrit Nijenhuis of Purdue that you can't overlook anybody.  You have to go into each match focused and prepared. Most wrestlers have hiccups during their careers and most likely that's all it was. Now that we've established that, McNally is a match that Labriola should win, but again, one that he does not want to overlook. 

184 - #11 Taylor Venz Vs U.R. Chris Weiler 

This is the match that interest me the most.  Venz owns two convincing victories over Weiler including a first period fall and a 10-3 decision. Yet Weiler has defeated Venz himself by a 11-10 decision.  I've actually been surprised that Weiler hasn't wrestled better this season.  A three time NCAA qualifier, once the round of 12 & currently he's not even in the top 33.  Probably a reason behind it & I'm sure as the season progresses he'll pick up some of those important victories to get himself into the top 33.  A win over Venz would most certainly help to do that, but at this point, it isn't likely. 

197 - #3 Eric Schultz Vs #22 Braxton Amos 

 Amos has had a very good freshman season thus far going 13-3 & he'll more than do some great things in the years to come for the Badgers. However at this point, I think the seasoned and experienced Schultz will be too much for him & the Husker will pull this one off rather comfortably.  A major? No, but 4-7 points? Yes. 

HWT - #11 Christian Lance Vs #8 Trent Hillger 

This will be a good one.  At the time Lance & Hillger at 1-1 with each other.  Lance owns a 4-2 sudden victory over the Badger and Hillger owns a 4-1 victory over the Husker.  I don't think this match will be the final of the evening. I imagine that we'll start somewhere else.  Yet if it is the final match of the evening, how exciting would it be if the team score was to where whoever won this match, won the dual?  That's probably not gonna happen, but I love it when duals end that way!  Puts a lot of pressure on the wrestlers, but it makes it more fun and exciting for the fans. 

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