Monday, January 17, 2022

Missouri Vs Oklahoma Preview (Thur Jan 20th, 2022)


While the #13 Missouri Tigers are favored to defeat the #21 Oklahoma Sooners, this is a dual meet that Oklahoma could theoretically win. Favored in some matches, technically there are only two matches in this entire dual that deem unwinnable for Oklahoma. Many tossups. 

125 - #19 Noah Surtin Vs #23 Joey Prata 

As to this season Surtin has had a more consistent showing, whereas Prata has dropped some unfavorable matches, but in the scheme of things, when you match the two up side by side at their best, we're looking at two pretty even wrestlers. As their rankings suggest, Surtin takes a slight edge over Prata but this one could go either way. 

133 - U.R. Trey Crawford Vs #13 Anthony Madrigal 

Per ranking, Madrigal is highly favored over Crawford and if Oklahoma wants to pull off the upset victory, they'll need him to live up to that ranking. As to results, it is actually Crawford who has the slight advantage having better showings against common opponents. 

141 - #10 Allan Hart Vs U.R. Jacob Butler 

Here is a point where the Tigers can really put some team points on the board. In a dual where every point counts, Missouri will look for the major as Oklahoma goes to keep it at a decision. 

149 - #21 Josh Edmond Vs #15 Mitch Moore/U.R. Dom Demas 

Whether Oklahoma wrestles Moore or Demas, either one will have trouble with Edmond.  Demas who was a permanent fixture at 141, hasn't fared anywhere near as good up 8 pounds at 149. Individually speaking, he could use such a win to boost his morale. Team wise, at this point Moore stands a better chance against Edmond in what should be a good match. 

157 - #24 Jarrett Jacques VS #16 Justin Thomas 

Ranking Vs result in this one.  Thomas has the higher ranking, but it was Jacques who posted the 3-1 decision the last the two met. For Missouri to remain one step ahead of Oklahoma, they'll need Jacques to pull off this "upset."  Oklahoma will need Thomas to avoid it. 

165 - #3 Keegan O'Toole Vs #28 Joe Grello 

Here's the match that could very likely make the swing. O'Toole is #3 in the nation for a reason, and I think he'll more than demonstrate it against Grello.  Going to be hard for the Sooners to avoid a major in this one.  

174 - #11 Peyton Mocco Vs U.R. Anthony Mantanona 

Both of these guys will bring a 10-4 record into this match, but Mocco's 10-4 record is quite different than Mantanona's 10-4 record.  Mocco thus far this year has one most of the time when he "should" and has won a few times when on paper it was deemed that he "shouldn't."  Mantanona on the other hand, well, you never know what you're gonna get out of him.  The last time these two met Mocco handled Mantanona 12-2 without a problem.  Such a victory would put this dual out of reach for Oklahoma, but we might see a completely different result too.  Mantanona is one of those guys that will surprise you from time to time.  Unranked all season, he will make it into the top 33 before the years is up.  You watch. May not be this match that does it, but he'll do it.   

184 - #14 Jeremiah Kent Vs #21 Darrien Roberts 

The one thing or better put, the one opponent that separates these two is Tate Samuelson of Wyoming.  While Kent has defeated Samuelson twice, Roberts has been unable to defeat the Cowboy.  That thus far is the one advantage Kent has, in what is otherwise a pretty evened matchup. 

197 - #6 Rocky Elam Vs #11 Jake Woodley 

These guys are 1-1 with each other.  Elam owns a 9-3 decision and Woodley owns a 4-1 decision.  Elam has only lost once this season and that was to Isaac Trumble of North Carolina State. Other than that, he's looked pretty dominate, although I don't know if his schedule has been as challenging as Woodley's who has four losses on the season.  For Oklahoma to pull off this dual, they will need an upset. 

HWT #15 Zach Elam Vs #27 Josh Heindselman 

Another match where result suggest that we could go either way.  Heindselman has done such a great job of playing the villain this season with his confrontational attitude, how ironic would it be if the dual came down to HWT and he got to walk out the hero?  As dramatic as this season has been thus far, such a result would not surprise at all. 

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