Monday, May 2, 2022

Gone, Lost & Forgotten: SUNY-Morrisville

 While I don't know for sure, I believe that the Mustang Wrestling program was started by Jim DenVencenzo in the 1962-1963 season. As to when it ended, I'm not sure.  

Jim Hall 

Hall was a coach of the Mustangs from the 1987-88 season through the 1988-1989 season. 

Dennis Nostrand 

Nostrand coached the Mustangs from the 1983-1984 season through the 1986-1987 season.  He is currently working at the University of Tampa, which may I add would be an excellent place to restore wrestling. 

Michael Spohn 

Spohn captured a Region III title for the Mustangs in 1969. 

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