Thursday, May 5, 2022

Gone, Lost & Forgotten: Madison Area Technical College

 Sometimes when doing research on discontinued wrestling teams, the information you are able to find is scarce and cryptic. Other times, it is a flood of information & this is one of those times.  While the Wolfpack of Madison Area Technical College (also known simply as Madison College) no longer support a varsity wrestling team, in the least they still celebrate what they had and what they accomplished. 

Harlan Yanke 

Putting together a 40-10 record for the Wolfpack during his two seasons in the NJCAA, Harlan Yankee became Madison College's first NJCAA qualifier in 1974. 

Howard Bohne 

Putting together a 35-8 record while competing for the Wolfpack, Bohne was a NJCAA qualifier in 1977. He later coached at Madison College. 

Mark Butcher

A graduate of Monona Grove High School, Mark Butcher was every bit as impressive in the classroom as he was on the mat.  Maintaining a 4.0 GPA, he won a conference title & a regional title in 1977 earning a trip to the NJCAA tournament. He had 111 takedowns during his time at Madison College. 

Keith Frey 

Frey put together a 99-26 record while competing for the Wolfpack. He later wrestled at Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 

Larry Schmitz 

Also a member of the Wolfpack football & Track programs, Schmitz later owned a successful Truck repair business. 

Douglas Strander 

A member of the first ever Wolfpack wrestling team during the 1968-1969 season, Strander became Madison College's first ever conference champion in 1970. 

Larry Green 

A graduate of Darlington High School, Green earned two back to back conference titles for the Wolfpack, earning NJCAA qualification in 1993. 

James Harlan 

Harlan had a lot to do with how & why Madison College started a wrestling program during the 1968-1969 season. Along with Strander, he also won a conference title. 

Robert Kerl 

A graduate of nearby Madison West High School, Kerl was a two time NJCAA qualifier in 1975 & 1976, also winning conference titles both seasons.  He graduated from Madison College with a record of 59-19. He later turned his expertise towards officiating. 

Kallen Schwartz 

A two time NJCAA qualifier for the Wolfpack in 1988 & 1989, Schwartz was also an Academic All American. 

James Tiedman 

A graduate of Waunakee High School, who would later become head coach at Madison College, Tiedman was a two time Conference champion for the Wolfpack. 

Robert Kubly 

A graduate of Watertown High School, Robert Kubly put together a 43-9 record winning a conference title in 1974. 

Randall Wyss

Wyss earned NJCAA All American honors for the Wolfpack with a 6th place finish in 1975. 

Keith Lawver 

A graduate of Boscobell High School, Lawver put together a 43-15 record, winning two conference titles, qualifying for the 1985 NJCAA tournament. He then took his talents to Northern Michigan, where despite never earning NJCAA All American honors, he made it to the NCAA Division II finals in 1987.  Becoming a Police Sgt. post college, he later took over the family farm, which was started in 1880. 

Dan Niebuhr 

Without a doubt, the Wolfpack's most successful wrestler, Dan Diebuhr, a graduate of Madison East High School, won NJCAA titles in 1985 & 1986. He later earned NCAA Division I All American honors for Fresno State in 1989 with a 7th place finish. Post his collegiate wrestling career he took a silver medal at the 1993 World Cup. 

Mark Parrott 

A graduate of Portage High, Parrott earned NJCAA All American honors with a 6th place finish in 1979. 

Jim Reinwood 

A graduate of Rapid Lincoln High School, Reinwood was a conference champion and two time NJCAA qualifier for the Wolfpack. 

James Sainsbury 

A conference champion for the Wolfpack, Sainsbury later finished up his collegiate wrestling career at Wisconsin-Stout before turning his attention to coaching at Beloit Memorial High School. 

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