Monday, November 1, 2021

Fun Matches to Look Forward To At Oregon State this Saturday(11-6-2021)

 Campbell & Lehigh travel to Oregon State this Saturday in what will prove to be some exciting wrestling action.  Here are some things to look forward to. 

Shannon Hanna of Campbell to be tested 

When I wrote my writeup on Campbell Camel wrestling, I had forgotten that Shannon Hanna has transferred to Campbell after Old Dominion had dropped their program. I had a lot of the black and orange faithful inform me that they were not happy I left him off of my preview and that he'd soon show me that he should have been on it. He'll more than have the opportunity to prove himself this weekend.  Up first he has EIWA champion Malyke Hines of Lehigh.  If that isn't challenge enough, he then has to turn around and face two time PAC-12 champion Grant Willits of Oregon State. If he gets two victories over these opponents, he more than has my stamp of approval. 

Josh Heil of Campbell will also face tests this weekend 

 Heil will have his work cut out for him. He'll have to earn both his victory over Cory Crooks of Oregon State and Monzana Bryant IV who recently took it 10-3 to EIWA runner-up Jimmy Hoffman in the Lehigh wrestle-offs. Tough bouts to give us an indication of where Heil is at this early in the game. His controversial loss to Oklahoma State's Boo Lewallen last season is like coal in the engine of a train. Anxious to see how fired up it has made him. 

Beavers Vs Mountain Hawks provides a dual full of many exciting matches 

You'll want to pay attention to pretty much all of the matches that will take place in this dual on Saturday. 

125 lbs - Brandon Kaylor Vs Jaret Lane 

The EIWA champion Lane taking on the 3rd place PAC-12 finisher Kaylor.  Home mat advantage for Kaylor but still going to go with Lane on this one.  Predicting a close but comfortable decision for the Mountain Hawk. 

133 - Devan Turner Vs Brandon Paetzell 

Paetzell has been 3rd twice in two very tough EIWA tournaments and Turner despite not always having the best in season performances has won two PAC-12 titles. First competition of the season poses in favor of Paetzell who I believe will be in better cardiovascular condition this early into the year. Yet home mat advantage and performing well in high pressure situations poses in favor of Turner.  At this point I'm going to say that first blood wins this one. Whoever scores first should walk away the winner. 

141 - Grant Willits Vs Malyke Hines 

A PAC-12 Champion Vs an EIWA champion.  I'm very anxious to see this match.  I think Hines has the advantage on speed and quickness, but Willits should be noted for his wait and cease the opportunity strategy.  Whereas Hines is the take it to you gladiator, sword slashing away, Willits is the sniper waiting patiently in the wings for the perfect shot. A fast paced match favors Hines. If Willits can slow it down, he'll have the advantage. 

149 Corey Crooks Vs Montana Bryant IV/Jimmy Hoffman 

As good as Bryant looked vs teammate Hoffman, anxious too see this match. 

157 Hunter Willits Vs Josh Humphreys 

Willits is FINALLY starting to get a little credit and recognition for how tough of a competitor he is and a win over Humphreys would be HUGE for his career. Is he good enough to beat Humphreys?  I think so.  Whether he does or not is another story.  Humphreys is extraordinarily tough.  A good W in column for either one of these guys. 

HWT Jordan Wood Vs Gary Traub 

Definitely putting my stock on Wood for this matchup but I am curious to see if Traub can put up a fight against the already four time EIWA champion.  Could see a major decision for the Mountain Hawk, but Traub is anything but a walkover. Keep it within 3-4 points? Doable. 

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