Sunday, November 14, 2021

Nebraska Vs North Carolina Preview & Prediction (11-17-2021)


I think this is going to be a pretty back and forth dual meet up until 174. The Tar Heels are solid and tough throughout the lower and middle weights but have some struggles in the upper-weights and it'll show in this matchup with the Huskers. 

125 - Liam Cronin Vs Spencer Moore 

I think that Moore can keep this match to a decision but experience more than suggest an upset is out of the question. Looking at something like a 5-2, 6-3 decision out of the Husker. 

NEB: 3 
UNC: 0 

133 - Alex Thomsen vs Jamie Hernandez 

During his freshman season of 2019-2020, we saw glimpses of the potential that Thomsen had. He pinned four time NCAA qualifier Christian Moody of Oklahoma, had a 5-2 win over Malik Heinselman of Ohio Sate, a 17-12 win over Cronin and he even majored All American Eric Barnett of Wisconsin 11-3.  BUT...he's up a weight class, didn't do anything of significance last season and he's up against an opponent ranked in the top 12.  I do think he'll give Hernandez a match.  Can see him getting with a couple of points, but going with the Tar Heel on this one. 

NEB: 3
UNC: 3 

141 - Chad Red Vs Kizhan Clarke 

Red is currently under a bit of fire for an unsportsmanlike gesture Vs Nebraska-Kearney last week. A bit surprising considering that Red is usually a class act on and off the mat.  Nevertheless, some fans as well as personnel within the wrestling community think that our sport would be better off with "heels." (Heels as in bad guys, not as in Tar).  Perhaps Red fits the mold.  Nevertheless, love him or hate him, Red is a multiple time All American with a Darkhorse's shot at the NCAA title this season. A full 7 minutes, certain wrestlers I don't see him upending but as he proved Vs NCAA champion Dean Heil a few seasons ago, you put someone on their back you don't need a full 7 minutes.   I do think that Clarke can keep this to a decision, but he'll want to stay out of upperbody locks and front headlocks in this match. 

NEB: 6
UNC: 3 

149 - Ridge Lovett Vs Zach Sherman 

Lovett is no pushover, but I think Sherman demonstrated by coming within a riding time point of Sammy Sasso last week that he's a national title contender.  Lovett I think is too tough to get majored but Sherman is too tough to overcome.  A two-takedown lead by match's end.  7-2, 8-3 something along those lines. 

NEB: 6
UNC: 6 

157 - Peyton Robb Vs Austin O'Connor 

Can Robb keep himself from getting majored here? Now that I don't know.  O'Connor is an attacker and once he gets in on you, he's going to score. Robb is going to put up the best fight he can, but if O'Connor gets on a roll, there's no stopping him.  I do see major points for the Tar Heels here, but respect that Robb may be able to keep this to a decision. 

NEB: 6
UNC: 10 

165 - Bubba Wilson Vs Sonny Santiago 

Pretty remarkable story of what Wilson went through in the past year and to know that he's now back and ranked.  It's amazing the capability of an individual when they have that type of courage and intestinal fortitude.  I think as he continues to work off the rust of not competing last season, he'll climb that ladder we call rankings.  Predict a solid decision here out of the Husker. 

NEB: 9
UNC: 10 

174 - Mikey Labriola Vs Gavin Kane 

At this point, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Labriola doesn't feel a bit disrespected and overlooked.  Most of the rankings have him within the top 3 to 5, but among the discussion his name isn't being mentioned as much as it should.  Even those currently ranked below him get more love as a plausible Darkhorse NCAA champion than he does.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he doesn't come out like a grenade six seconds after the pin was pulled. Kane himself is a top 12 wrestler, but  I predict no less than a major decision here. 

NEB: 13 
UNC: 10 

184 - Taylor Venz Vs Mike Chaid 

Venz is another Husker I suspect probably has a chip on his shoulder.  He went into last year's NCAA championships expecting to earn his second All American honor & instead for the second time in his career finished one match shy of placing. I highly doubt he'll walk away denied this season.  Another man on a mission.  I see another major decision here. 

NEB: 17
UNC: 10 

197 Eric Schultz Vs Max Shaw 

Well speaking of chips on the ole shoulder....  Eric Schultz went into last year's NCAA championships the #2 seed.  He was expecting to make the finals.  To come out of the tunnel on red or green carpet and wrestle on television in front of 3/4's of a million people.  Instead he makes an error in round one, finding himself on his back pinned shortly before the end of the second period. You know he's thought of little else the past 8 months.  Shaw thus far this season, hasn't looked the best.  I'm predicting a fall here. 

NEB: 23
UNC: 10 

HWT  Christian Lance Vs Brandon Whitman 

I think this will be a very tight match.  More or less, I think this comes down to who can escape and who can't.  Wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see this match won by a riding time point.  Rankings have me going with Lance, but a Whitman upset would not surprise me.  1-0, 2-1, 3-2, something like that. 

NEB: 26
UNC: 10 


The Tar Heels simply don't match up well with the Huskers.  The red and white have a very solid lineup in the upper-weights and that is where this dual makes the separation.  

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