Monday, November 22, 2021

So Who Does Oregon State Have? Speaking in Terms to Iowa Of Course

After an exciting, unpredictable and absolutely insane third week of college wrestling, we head into the madness that will be week four.  A lot of questions amongst a lot of discussion.  One of those questions is, "Who Does Oregon State have?"  Asked by a multitude of Iowa Hawkeye wrestling fans & answered thus far in tidbits and spirts it's time to put aside guesses. It's time to answer the question in full.  

Who does Oregon State have?  Well let's take a look. 

Speaking in truths, it is a fact that Oregon State actually has a pretty good team this year.  The Beavers look to send 8 or 9 to the NCAA tournament this season and wrestle competitively within the PAC-12 conference. Yet it is also a fact that the Beavers do not match up well with Iowa.  

125  Brandon Kaylor 

Kaylor is an NCAA qualifier & will be again this season but as are 99.99% of the rest of the 125'ers he doesn't stand a chance against Lee. If Lee doesn't wrestle and Iowa starts Ybarra instead, this is one that favors the Beavers.   

133 Devan Turner 

Turner is a three time NCAA qualifier and a two time PAC-12 champion.  A top 20 wrestler as of now, maybe even a top 12 when it is all said and done.  A tough wrestler, but he does not match up well with DeSanto at all.  The last the two met DeSanto defeated the Beaver 22-4 technical fall.  

141 Grant Willits 

Same story for Willits as it is for Turner.  Three time NCAA qualifier, two time PAC-12 champion, but he just does not matchup well with his Hawkeye opponent.  Eierman built up a comfortable lead before pinning Willits with a little less than thirty seconds to go in the second period the last the two met.  

149 Corey Crooks 

Crooks was an NCAA qualifier last season and will be again this season. I've been told Murin is out due to injury for right now, so that leaves Turk or Reyna.  Turk has already pinned Crooks, sticking him shortly into the second period. Reyna's only common opponent with Crooks is ironically Turk.  He beat Turk 6-5 tiebreaker.  Make of that what you will. 

157 Hunter Willits 

Here is where I'd in the least pay attention.  Willits is a three time NCAA qualifier and three time PAC-12 runner-up.  Young owns a 5-1 victory over him, but Willits isn't someone I'd look past. He's a tough kid, consistently improving. If you study his record, he has a habit of doing something.  That something is figuring out how to beat opponents who have beaten him in the past.  Young better be geared up and ready to go.  Willits will take it to him looking for the upset.  

184 Trey Munoz * 

The * is due to the fact that Munoz was on the Beaver roster earlier after transferring from Arizona State.  Yet I'm not 100% positive if he's still there.  Going to treat it like he is.  

Munoz is the son of Oklahoma State national champion Mark Munoz. That's irrelevant, but an interesting fact. What is relevant is that Munoz owns a 7-1 victory over Julian Broderson of Iowa State and Broderson owns an 8-3 win over Assad. Now that doesn't always mean anything either. There is a ton of parity in the sport of wrestling. What it does suggest however, is that Iowa could have another competitive match on their hands. 

197 J.J. Dixon or Tanner Harvey 

Dixon an NCAA qualifier, Harvey a transfer from American, a two time NCAA qualifier.  Both good wrestlers, whoever starts will see the NCAA tournament this season, but neither is beating Warner. 

HWT Gary Traub 

Traub a transfer from Ohio State was an NCAA qualifier in 2020.  Cassioppi already owns two victories over him via scores of 4-0 and 9-3.  


There you have it.  As accurate, thorough and detailed as I could.   I'll repeat, Oregon State has a pretty good team this year, they really do.  As Princeton proved at HWT last week, matches don't happen on paper, they happen on the mat. You have to prove it every time you step out there. As Tom Brands says, "You have to earn it."   With that said the Beavers are taking on the #1 team in the nation, and come Saturday night, my prediction is, it'll show. 

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