Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wisconsin Vs Cornell Preview (11-19-2022)


The red & white, who wears it better? The #15 Wisconsin Badgers or the #7 Cornell Big Red? Either way we'll be seeing a lot of red & white this Saturday as the two come head to head in dual action.  As a whole and individually both teams come into this one with something to prove. 

125 lbs
#9 Eric Barnett Vs U.R. Brett Ungar 

Considering that Brett Ungar nearly tech'd Dominic LaJoie this past weekend 14-2, I'm going to guess that the Big Red goes with him here. Does he stand a shot against two time All American Eric Barnett? If this match took place later into the season, I would say absolutely not. Yet at the beginning of the year, Barnett always seems like an engine that needs to warm up first before it'll run properly. I'm not giving Ungar much of a chance of upsetting Barnett, but I am saying it is there. 

133 lbs
#17 Taylor LaMont Vs #3 Vitali Arujau

I said back in August when I did all of my team previews that if there was anyone who could stop a three peat of Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) Vs Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) in this year's NCAA finals it would be Vitali Arujau. If I am correct, we would see a glimpse of that here against Taylor LaMont. LaMont, an All American himself would be an excellent test to see exactly where Arujau is at. He was 3rd in the nation last season, but that was at 125 & many (including your's truly) are putting a lot of faith into the assumption that he'll be every bit as tough at 133. We'll see. 

141 lbs
#18 Joseph Zargo Vs #21 Vince Cornella 

Vince Cornella looked really good this past weekend winning a Bearcat Open title nearly teching Navy's #25 Josh Koderhandt 15-3. On paper this one would be an upset for Cornella, but I think it is actually Zargo who goes into this one the underdog. 

149 lbs
#4 Austin Gomez Vs #1 Yianni Diakomihalis 

You know good and well that Austin Gomez currently has a bitter, sour taste in his mouth. He was upset recently by Iowa State's Paniro Johnson & it doesn't take a soothsayer to figure out that it doesn't sit well with him. He's not the one who gets upset, he's the one who does the upsetting. Many treat Yianni Diakomihalis as if at this point in his career he's unbeatable. As if his one loss to Jaydin Eierman five years ago will be the only one he ever suffers. That's  very real possibility. Matter of fact, I'd give it a probability of 95%, maybe even better. It's not written in stone though. If Karelin can take a loss nearly 23 years ago, then so too can anyone.  The last the two met Diakomihalis won 12-6, but under the circumstances I see this one being much closer. 

157 lbs
#17 Garrett Model Vs #25 Colton Yapoujian 

I've said many times that I feel that Garrett Model is one of the most improved wrestlers in the country. He's been steadily climbing that ladder of success season after season. As one improves & places himself higher and higher in the rankings, it's as equally important not to slip as it is to climb.  Colton Yapoujian is a very worthy opponent. One who will give Model a great challenge in this dual. Model will want to be up and ready for this match. He may be quite a few places behind him in the rankings, but on the mat, they'll be neck & neck. 

165 lbs
#5 D.J. Hamiti Vs #8 Julian Ramirez 

I don't know what kind of a disc jockey he is, but his last name is Hamiti and he's one Hell of a wrestler. For that matter, so is Julian Ramirez.  Now Hamiti does own a 3:16 fall over Ramirez, but I sure hope that this match reflects their other match. That match was a wild 15-11 encounter that ended in favor of the Badger. Both of these guys are wild, go-getters not afraid to take risk & go after points. As far as entertainment is concerned, consider these two your match of the night. 

197 lbs
#20 Braxton Amos Vs #19 Jacob Cardenas 

A matter of pride in this one. These guys are as close on the mat as they are on paper. This won't be the high scoring affair that 165 lbs will be. This one will come down to precision and calculation, resembling the chess match that it is.  The last the two met Cardenas who a 3-1 decision in sudden victory. 

#12 Trent Hillger Vs #9 Lewis Fernandes 

Trent Hillger's entire collegiate career has been a roller coaster. I was kinda hoping he'd be a bit more grounded this year than he has been in year's past, but it looks like we're gonna Six Flags 22'-23' just as we have every other season.  As to Fernandes, we've only seen him once this season & he looked like a DI wrestler should look against a NCWA wrestler. What will happen in this match? I don't know.  The first time these two met Hillger looked quick, strong & powerful.  Secured a solid 6-2 victory. The next time the two met, Hillger couldn't get anything going & it was Fernandes who looked solid as a rock securing a 2-1 victory. It's almost like Hillger is Prince Adam from the He-Man cartoons. Sometimes he has the power of Greyskull and sometimes he doesn't.  I guess the same can be said for Fernandes.  This should be a good match. 

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