Monday, November 28, 2022

2022 CKLV 165 lbs Preview


Here's a weight class where I see an endless number of possibilities. I think you can objectively seed this one way, but it could turn out completely different. I wouldn't necessarily say there's a ton of parity, but you do have an assortment of talent that has wrestled one another in some very close matches. 

As to Nebraska, they could go with Jagger Condomitti or Bubba Wilson. I think based on results, the better pick here is Wilson and I'm going to treat it as if the Huskers are going to go with Wilson. If they end up going with Condomitti instead, well, my mistake. It'd be nice if we'd get this kind of information far more in advance than what we do.  

Once again the Picture guide...

Ranking & Name
School Name
Past CKLV placings 
What I would seed

We're talking 15 ranked wrestlers, six returning place-winners.  You'll see in a hurry with how I would seed this bracket that in many cases I am NOT feeling the current rankings. 

Two time All American Cam Amine of Michigan is who I would put at *1, although I would say he is most certainly not a shoe-in. He's had some very close matches with many of those in this bracket & he's also taken some losses. 5th here a year ago, all things considered he has earned the top seed, but holding it is a whole other story. 

*2 I give to Carson Kharchla of Ohio State. Against Amine he is 1-1.  A 3-2 victory Vs a 3-1 loss.  3rd here last season, he owns victories over Josh Ogunsanya of Columbia, Bubba Wilson of Nebraska and Connor Brady of Virginia Tech. Of most important note, he's 3-0 against Julian Ramirez of Cornell with 4-3, 5-2 & 15-7 victories. 

I'm taking  14-3 & 13-5 major decisions over a 6-4 decision in putting Ramirez at *3 & Ogunsanya at *4. Ramirez also owns a 9-6 victory over Amine (as he was also pinned by him in 2:47).  Ogunsanya has wins over both Wilson & Brady. 

Enrique Munguia of Kent State was only 11-8 last season, but thus far this year he's already 14-1. Talk about a turn around. He majored Will Formato of Applachian State, as he has wins over Val Park of Navy, Jordan Slivka of Ohio & Wilson. He's who I put at *5. 

Wilson may not be ranked at the moment & you might not agree with me putting him as high as *6, but I'll defend my position & I'll defend it well. He was 8th here last season, plus he owns a 5-3 victory over Amine.  In two other matches with Amine, he's kept it very close with the Wolverine in 3-1 & 5-3 losses. 

Brady with wins over Formato & Tony Negron of Arizona State is who'd put at *7. He took Ogunsanya into sudden victory

Cole Moody of Wyoming is 1-1 with Tanner Cook of South Dakota State. The Cowboy owns a 13-3 major decision as the Jackrabbit owns a 12-10 decision. I know what the rankings say, but I also know that both also own victories over Austin Yant of Northern Iowa. Cook pinned Yant in 6:11 & Moody defeated him 6-3. It's hard to overlook head to head results like that.  Hence why I've put Moody *8, Cook *9 & Yant *10. 

*11 I give to Negron. I'm anxious to see him against the competition here, but he's only had a total of 5 matches at 165 thus far & I feel *11 is very fair until he proves himself better. (Which is a very likely possibility). 

Figuring in an 11-2 loss to Yant, I put Formato at *12. 

There are my seeds and there is my reasoning.  There are other dangers in this bracket as well. 

Legend Lamer of Cal Poly proved himself to be an All American threat at 149 lbs, but now we're up 16 lbs of muscle & he has yet to make his mark at his new weight class. This is as good of a place as any.  

Jordan Slivka of Ohio, similar story to Lamer. He did quite well at 157 with some notable wins, but he took has yet to make his mark at 165. Again, if you're gonna do it, CKLV is a place to do it. 

Both Matt Olguin of Oregon State & Joshua Kim of Harvard are two others I'd watch out for.  Then there is Val Park of Navy, who finished one match shy of a medal here last season. 

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