Tuesday, March 8, 2022

ACC - I need an At Large/Wildcard Bid

 For the most part the ACC did a phenomenal job of getting allocations for this year's NCAA tournament. Teams made sure to get those important matches to accumulate those important wins.  There aren't many in the ACC who need an At Large Bid/Wildcard into order to get into the NCAA's this season. Most got in naturally. Nevertheless there are a handful. 

125 lbs
Gage Curry of Pittsburgh 

Even though Gage Curry of Pittsburgh did not place at the ACC championships & he finished behind Spencer Moore of North Carolina (Who also defeated him) I say he stands a better shot at getting an At Large Bid/Wildcard than Moore for three reasons.  A - He has a better record. B- He is ranked.  C - He has better wins on his resume, plus he defeated Moore earlier this season.  Notable victories this season for Curry include a 3-1 SV decision over Anthony Noto of Lock Haven MAC champ, 3-2 over Pat McCormick of Virginia & a 5-1 win over Joe Manchio of Columbia who finished 4th in the EIWA. 

141 lbs
Kizhan Clarke of North Carolina 

Lay your money down cause it's all but a said & done deal that Kizhan Clarke of North Carolina is getting into the NCAA's this year. Other than a bad ACC tournament, he's had a very good season.  #6 ranking with wins over Chad Red of Nebraska, Shannon Hanna of Campbell, Gabe Willochell of Edinboro, Collin Gerardi of Virginia Tech & Ryan Jack of North Carolina State. 

149 lbs 
Jarod Verkleeren of Virginia 

I wouldn't give it tremendous odds but I'd say with a #31 ranking that Jarod Verkleeren is at least in the discussion for an At Large/Wildcard bid earlier today.

157 lbs 
Wade Unger of Duke 

You know what? Honestly I'm 99.99% positive that Duke's Wade Unger doesn't get in today. He's not ranked, he has only a couple of quality wins & he has a losing record.  You know what though? I have to say something on his behalf though.  The ACC took the top 5.  He defeated Elijah Cleary of Pittsburgh 3-2 in the Quarterfinals. I fail to see why Cleary was allowed to come back & challenge Unger for 5th when Unger had already defeated him. Don't get me wrong, happy for Cleary & that he made the NCAA's in his last shot, but not sure why the match even took place to begin with.  That's the fortunateness of wrestling in the ACC I guess. Nevertheless, Unger has two seasons left, so hopefully he does make it in 23' & 24'. 

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