Monday, December 27, 2021

JT#1's Notes, Thoughts and Observations for Week 8 of Collegiate Wrestling (12/20-26/2021)

 This is going to be short and sweet. There's a lot I could say about this week in wrestling but I'm not going to for two reasons.  First off, this is late.  Really late. Over the Christmas break, I took a break from wrestling and spent a lot of time with my girlfriend, mom, stepdad, Grandpa Harry, my dog Ruby and my cat Marquee. Sat down and watched some movies, haven't done that in a while.  Had to catch up on what all happened this weekend, rather than following it as it happens like I usually do.  Secondly, I have to go to my shoot job here in a bit and am pressed for time.  So this week's recap is only going to focus on one thing.  

There's obviously something not right with Kaleb Young. I don't know what it is, but I'm almost 100% positive it isn't anything physical. This guy has a tremendous amount of talent and ability and the credentials that he has earned thus far as a Hawkeye more than prove it. Yet this season, something's missing.  He doesn't have it together mentally.  I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why and what needs to be done to turn it around.  I am a nobody from nowhere who never did anything, so my opinion ain't worth much, if it's worth anything at all, but I want to see Young do well. I want to see him succeed.  Next to wrestler's career being hampered by injuries, if there's anything I can't stand it's when the worst season of a wrestler is his/her last.  

I really thought that the Midlands might be the answer to Young's issue. Despite whatever else has happened during the season, Young has always wrestled well in Chicago.  5-5-2-1 thus far, I trust that he would have had a good tournament, restored his faith and confidence in himself and second half of the season, we'd have seen the old Young. That was my hope.  Then I heard that Iowa wasn't going to wrestle their starters & even worse,  that the Midlands was canceled. Maybe Young will compete at the Hawkeye Open this weekend & that will take the place of the Midlands. I don't know.

Some people are ready to give up on Young. Good for them. That's their right. I'm not one of those people. He's still the guy that made the BIG 10 finals. He's still the guy that has earned two All American honors from the NCAA championships. He's STILL that guy. It's just a matter of channeling his inner spirit. A matter of Young finding himself again.   

In a lot of ways Young's journey reminds me of Rocky in ROCKY III.  Rocky had lost his edge, his belief in himself and he had to dig deep to find himself.  He didn't do it alone either. He had the help of his friend Apollo. 

No one is asking me. No one is going to ask me.  My opinion ain't worth the penny you found on the ground earlier today.  That's fine, I'm not making you read this, you chose to.  So here is what I would do.  Here's something, I'd try. 

I'd give Young a few days off from practice. His issues aren't physical. He's plenty strong, well conditioned, ect.  Two or three days off from practice wouldn't hurt him any.  I'd have him spend the time with Dan Gable. If anyone knows how to get the best out of a person, how to motivate and inspire them, it's Gable. Gable always got the best out of his wrestlers.  If anyone can channel Young's spirit, I think it's Dan Gable.  That's what I would do. 

Whatever Brands & Co decide to do with Young, I support it and I hope it works.  Young's good enough to make the BIG 10 finals again and earn his third All American award.  By year's end, I sure hope that's what we get to see. 



    1. Who are you & what's your problem? I love it how I was nothing but positive & optimistic, obviously a fan of his....and you're offended.

      If you're such a genius & have all the all means, please...I'm all ears.