Tuesday, October 19, 2021

2022: The Preseason: Lock Haven Bald Eagles

 Since arriving at Lock Haven, Scott Moore & staff have done a tremendous job of getting the most out of their wrestlers.  This has included performing well at the EWL's, the MAC's and the NCAA's. Examples include getting Ronnie Perry into the NCAA finals and Kyle Shoop onto the NCAA award stand.  I think this will be a rebuilding year for Lock Haven, but nevertheless they should still have some highlights. 

Luke Werner
Record: 90-31
EWL: 19'2nd
MAC: 20'3rd, 21'5th
SOUTHERN SCUFFLE: 19'4th, 20'2nd 

I have mixed feelings on Werner and I'll tell you why.  For one, I do feel that by all means he should be a three time NCAA qualifier at this point in his career.  In 2019, he finished a respectable runner-up in the EWL, having had a respectable season finishing 4th at the Southern Scuffle.  Entitled to my opinion, I think he got shafted when at large bids were handed out.  In 2021, he was a victim of circumstance.  Lock Haven was not released to compete until the very last minute & after having not wrestled all season he was thrown into the MAC championships.  Had he had a full season he would have qualified.   

Now here's the thing.  Werner has some very notable wins.  He stuck NCAA runner-up Brandon Courtney of Arizona State & he owns a 4-2 decision over 7th place All American Killian Cardinale.  

Yet here's the other thing...he could finish as low as 5th again at the MAC championships.. Werner is 0-5 against Willy Girard of Bloomsburg.  Even though the Husky has been injured as of late & not 100% that is till a difficult deficit to overcome.  Then Werner is 0-1 vs Logan Heil of Cleveland State and 1-2 against Jake Ferri of Kent State.  I can't ignore these results.  Nevertheless, I also can't ignore that Werner has the ability to wrestle very well at times too.  Honestly, anywhere on the award stand 1st through 5th I can see Werner at the MAC.  I also think he's a Dark Horse All American. 

Cole Manley 
Record: 49-19

Manley has yet to qualify for the NCAA's & the embodiment of his best work has thus far been at 133.  Having such a short season last year, it's not fair to evaluate him at 141 lbs yet.  If he does as well at 141 as he did at 133, we'll see an NCAA qualifier. 

Ben Barton 
Record: 50-34
NCAA: 19'NQ, 21'NQ
SOCON: 19'1st, 21'2nd 

Campbell transfer Ben Barton will contend with Central Michigan's Johnny Lovett and SIUE's Justin Ruffin for the MAC title this season. 

Caleb Clymer
Record: 18-11

If Clymer can take some of these close 1, 2 & 3 point losses and turn them into wins, I can see him qualifying for the NCAA championships. It also wouldn't hurt to have more victories like the 2-1 decision he claimed over two time NCAA qualifier Colston DiBlasi of George Mason. 


In a rebuilding time I think sending 4 to the NCAA's with one, maybe two on the team contending for an MAC title is pretty respectable. 

125 - Dark as in D-A-R-K horse All American
133 - DNQ
141 - NQ
149- DNQ
157 - NQ
165 - NQ
174 - DNQ
184 - DNQ
197 - DNQ

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