Friday, October 8, 2021

2022: The Preseason: Binghamton Bearcats

I see Billy Baldwin's favorite team sending 5 to the NCAA's this year, with one not only gunning for All American status, but making a run at the national title too.  Binghamton has never crowned an NCAA champion & if they were to this season, it'd be their first. 

Micah Roes
Record: 7-4
EIWA: 21'4th 

With the return of Patrick Glory of Princeton and Vitali Arujau of Cornell, the EIWA will be a bit tougher than it was last season, but I still say Micah Roes proves himself to be a top 33 wrestler once again this season.  From my vantage point, his most impressive victory last season was a 10-4 decision over Iowa State's Kysen Terukina. 

Zack Trampe OR Ryan Anderson
Record: 35-15 OR Record: (DIII) 31-3
NCAA: 19'NQ, 20'NQ OR DIII: 20'NQ
EIWA: 19'4th, 20'3rd

Two time NCAA qualifier at 133 lbs, Zack Trampe's season was cut short last year so we didn't get to see him much at 141 lbs.  What we did get to see was a back and forth match with eventual EIWA champion Malyke Hines of Lehigh that ended in favor of Hines 9-7. Pretty confident that Trampe will do well at 141. 

Also at 141, is Centenary transfer Ryan Anderson, who before COVID-19, was picked to win the NCAA DIII title.    

I would like to think that between these two whoever doesn't win the wrestle-off(s) might be able to get down to 133 or have the size to bump up to 149. 

Jacob Nolan
Record: 58-47
EIWA: 21'5th

An NCAA qualifier last season, look for Nolan to return to the NCAA tournament this season. 

Louie Deprez
Record: 96-19
NCAA: 19'R12, 20'NQ, 21'8th
EIWA: 19'3rd, 20'1st, 21'1st 
CKLV: 19'5th, 20'6th
SOUTHERN SCUFFLE: 19'3rd, 20'1st 

If not already, by the time his career is said and done, Louie Deprez is easily ranked the best Binghamton wrestler of all time.  A Southern Scuffle title, two EIWA titles, looking for a third.  Deprez has shown that he has the ability to be the Bearcats first NCAA champion.  He's defeated Penn State's Max Dean by a score of 5-3 sudden victory and he defeated North Carolina State's Trent Hidlay 3-2.  For a small college in New York that at one time was dead until Billy Baldwin and some others got together to restore it, what an historical moment that would be. 

Joe Doyle 
Record: 58-47
EIWA: 19'5th, 20'6th, 21'4th

Honestly I was a bit surprised when Doyle was selected as an at large bid for last year's NCAA tournament.  Hopefully getting to experience the dance, will give him the confidence that he can tango again.  Within the EIWA,  I see him once again 4th at best, if not 5th or 6th, with a very small shot at 3rd.  He's not beating Jordan Wood of Lehigh or Yaraslau Slavilouski of Harvard, and being 1-4 vs Zachary Knighton-Ward of Hofstra, chances aren't good their either.   He's 0-3 Vs Ben Furman of Cornell, but those matches have been very close. I could see him winning those.  1-2 Vs Ben Sullivan of Army, that's a toss up.  


125 - NQ
133 - DNQ
141 - NQ
149 - DNQ
157 - DNQ
165 - DNQ
174 - NQ
184 - Champion 
197 - DNQ

May not look like much on paper, but all things considered 5 NCAA qualifiers, with one that could win an NCAA title is very good for a small school in a tough conference like the EIWA. 

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