Monday, October 25, 2021

2022: The Preseason: Bellarmine Knights

 I can remember being a 15 year old kid that used to spend my time on wrestling message boards  & all of the negativity that wrestling fans had when it came to collegiate wrestling, in particularly, the growth of it in the south. Pessimistic attitudes back in 2001, 2002, 2003 and so on of a combined bitterness of all the programs that we have lost over the years and an unshakable assurance that we'd never see a resurgence. 

It's one of the reasons I am so Hell bent on celebrating new programs in the south and making sure that when a program from our past returns, fans are aware of it.  I DO NOT like the term resurrected and Jason Bryant has asked that I no longer use the word reinstated, so we've found moderation in the term restored. 

First it was NCAA Division I wrestling in Arkansas and now it's NCAA Division I wrestling in Kentucky!

I am so excited and happy about DI wrestling & collegiate wrestling in general being in Kentucky.  It gives kids in Kentucky an opportunity to wrestle at home + it gives more options for kids from nearby Ohio & Illinois. 
Transitioning into DI status, the Knights are not eligible for post-season competition until the 2024-2025 season.   

Even though they won't be competing in the SOCON championships or the NCAA's, I still think we'll see some positives out of the Knights this season. 

Brandon Lucas
Record: 43-47 

Lucas fared pretty good at the NCAA Division II level, making the R12 in 2019.  I think we'll see some top 33 victories out of Lucas this season as he continues to adjust to NCAA DI competition. 

Eric Beck
Record: 71-44

In my estimation Beck is about the best wrestler on the Knight's squad and as luck would have it, he's also the one with the toughest in-conference competition.  William Formato of Appalachian State, R.J. Mosley of Gardner Webb, Drew Nicholson of Chattanooga & Dazjon Casto of The Citadel. If he can garner a victory over any of these opponents, that might earn Beck the distinction of being the first Knight to be ranked in the more popular wrestling websites/magazines. 

Devan Hendricks
Record: 29-13

Another tough grappler on the Knight's roster, I can see some good things coming out of Hendricks this season as well. 


No NCAA qualifiers this season for the fact that Bellarmine is not yet eligible to compete in the post season.  We will see how the team does in some competitive duals, the Cougar Clash & the Southern Scuffle however. 

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