Thursday, December 28, 2023

Midlands Preview (Fri Dec 29th-Sat Dec 30th) = 184 lbs


Layne Malczewski
Michigan State

Layne Malczewski gives the Spartans a Midlands champion hopeful here at 184 lbs.  Again, not a shoe-in but could very well go into the championships the *1 seed based on his ranking.  Owns a 7-2 victory over Anthony Carman, a 2-0 win over Dylan Connell & a 3-0 win over Zayne Lehman. 

Dennis Robin 
West Virginia 

Another threat to the Midlands title this tournament is West Virginia's Dennis Robin.  The Mountaineer owns both a 7-4 victory over Lehman & a 6-1 win over Carman. 

Dylan Connell

5th at last year's Midlands championships, Dylan Connell hopes to have just as good or better of a showing this tournament.  The Illini pinned Anthony Carman in thirty seconds to capture that 5th place finish. 

Anthony Carman 
West Virginia

There's good reason to think that the Mountaineers could very well put two on the award stand here in Chicago.  Anthony Carman took 6th place honors last season & he has both a 6-5 win over Lehman as well as a 6:59 fall over James Conway. 

James Conway
Franklin & Marshall

There haven't been many Diplomats who have earned top 8 finishes at the Midlands over the years, but there is good reason to think that James Conway could make that list at least one person longer this year.  Owns an impressive 8-3 win over Lehman & he is also undefeated against Max Hale.  4-1 s.v., 7-1, 9-4 & 6-1 victories. 

Zayne Lehman

The Bobcat is temperamental on the mat.  Sometimes extremely fierce with the ability to defeat just about anyone. If we see him in that mood here at the Midlands, I can almost guarantee he'll be standing somewhere on the award stand when it's all said & done Saturday night.  Owns a 12-6 win over Tony Negron, a 10-3 win over Carman, a 5-3 win over Connell & both a 6-2 as well as a 5-2 win over Matt Zuber. 

Tony Negron
Arizona State

Tony Negron has thus far really stepped it up in his final year of competition. He ended last year with a disappointing losing record & already this year he's picked up a few notable victories.  To place top 8 here at the Midlands would really help his momentum as we head into second semester.  Easier said than done among the talent field, but a doable task for the Sun Devil. 

Matt Zuber
Northern Illinois

Here's another guy that's made some vast improvements from last year to this year.  Matt Zuber ended last season with a 11-15 record. This year he's already 11-3.  Much like Negron, he's in a similar boat to where a top 8 finish here at the Midlands would really help out his season as we head into second semester.  Owns a 4-1 s.v. over Troy Fisher. 

Troy Fisher

Things aren't going as well at 184 lbs as what they did at 174 lbs for the Wildcat. Nevertheless despite the tough beginning, Troy Fisher is still a two time NCAA qualifier & competing at home. On his home mats, he'll still be a threat to a top 8 finish here at the Midlands. 

Max Hale

The Quakers have a hope for a top 8 finish here at 184 lbs in Max Hale. 

Niall Schoenfelder
UW-Eau Claire

Any Non-DI wrestlers with a shot at a top 8 finish here in Hoffman Estates? I think if anyone does, it's Niall Schoenfelder.  It's hard to believe but as good as the Blugold is & as many quality wins as he has, he still has yet to make the NCAA D3 tournament.  Now wouldn't that be a story?  A guy who hasn't even qualified for D3's yet & he ends up top 8 at one of the most recognized DI in-season tournaments of the year?  It's a stretch, but again, if we see a non-DI wrestler do really well in this bracket, my $$ is on Schoenfelder. 


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