Thursday, December 14, 2023

44th Midwest Classic Preview (Sat/Sun 12-16/17-2023) 184 lbs


A little humor if you will, the one thing you can can about this weight class is, "how exactly do you pronounce these names?'  On a more serious note we have an extremely competitive competitive bracket. Five All Americans in this list of talent. Three returning Midwest Classic Place-winners. Add in five more NCAA DII qualifiers. T-O-U-G-H. 

Daniel Beemer

It's been NCAA DII bronze for the Eagle on two occasions & at the Midwest Classic thus far it has been finishes of 6th & 4th.  One of the rare wrestlers this weekend who will be looking to become a three time place-winner, this time Daniel Beemer is hoping to walk out of Indianapolis with some gold. Wins thus far include a 5-3 decision over Hunter Tobiasson, a 3-1 decision over Matt Weinberg, a 3:32 fall over ZeBrandon Gant, a 17-8 major over Wyatt Lidberg, an 11-6 decision Jason Bynarowicz & a Noah Gnibus. 

Matt Weinberg

Right there to challenge Beemer for a Midwest Classic title will be nemesis Matt Weinberg.  After losing to Beemer in last year's NCAA DII consolation finals, I'm sure he's more than ready to exercise some vengeance. Among is victories the Golden Bear has a 12-10 decision over Colter Bye & a 15-0 tech over Clint Morrisette. 

Colter Bye
Upper Iowa

Usually when a wrestler sees that he has a Bye in his bracket that's a good thing.  Not in this case. If a wrestler sees he has a Bye, that means he has Colter Bye & that means he has a wrestler looking to contend for the Midwest Classic championship.  8th in the D2 nation last season, Bye owns a 3-1 victory over Wyatt Lidberg. 

Anthony Des Vigne
Central Oklahoma

The Broncho was 7th in the D2 nation last season as he earned runner-up honors here at the Midwest Classic. He's planning on once again making the finals of NCAA DII's toughest in-season tournament and more than has the talent & skills to do so.  A 3-1 s.v. over Reece Worachek & an 8-2 decision over Treyton Cacek. 

ZeBrandon Gant

I often speak of wrestlers redeeming themselves & ZeBrandon Gant is a classic example.  A three time NCAA DII qualifier for Newberry, he unfortunately missed out on a fourth qualification this past season due to having to Medical Forfeit in the Region. Now back & looking as sharp as ever, he goes into the Midwest Classic with three convincing wins over Clint Morrisette (7-1, 11-2 & 12-3).  He also owns a fall over Hunter Tobiasson. 

Reece Woracheck

I tell you what, it doesn't matter the tournament. It doesn't matter what he's ranked or what he's seeded. When the smoke clears & the dust has settled, you'll almost always find Reece Worachek still standing.  Thus far he's been 8th & 7th in the D2 nation & he's been 6th & 7th here at the Midwest Classic.  He has fearless tattooed on his right leg & if you watch him compete, you know that's exactly how he wrestles. The Ranger owns both a 6-2 as well as a 3-2 win over Colter Bye. He's also defeated Wyatt Lidberg on three occasions by scores of 5-2, 3-2 & 6-2. 

Wyatt Lidberg

The Marauder finished one match shy of a medal here at the Midwest Classic last season & no doubt about it, wants to leave Indianapolis this weekend with no less than a top 8 showing.  A 5-4 decision over Treyton Cacek, he's defeated Jason Bynarowicz on three occasions (13-11, 14-7 & 10-5.)

Treyton Cacek
Northern State

Unfortunately injury reared its ugly head early into the start of last season & we did not get to see Treyton Cacek in much action during '22-'23.  But he's back now, having finished R12 at the NCAA DII's in 2022. He's looking to reclaim his status & show the wrestling world what they missed out on last year. A 4-3 decision over Ja'Quez Bostic among his notable victories. 

Damon Ashworth
Central Missouri

Damon Ashworth will be among those looking to perform well here in Indianapolis. Thus far the Mule has a 4-1 win over Kyler Pickard & a 7-6 win over Ja'Quez Bostic. 

Nathan Buckovich

The Bearcats are coming into Indianapolis to illustrate why they're ranked #1 right? I would imagine that's the goal.  Therefore you know that they're going to have guys on their team stepping it up a notch & going above & beyond. One of the guys I can see doing so is Nathan Buckovich. Against the competition, he owns a 9-8 decision over Clint Morrisette. 

Kyler Pickard
Belmont Abbey

Among those in the war for a top 8 spot within this vast field of talent, Kyle Pickard of Belmont Abbey. 

Ja'Quez Bostic

An NCAA qualifier for the Saints, Ja'Quez Bostic looks to add more credentials & accomplishments to his resume this season. Hard to top a top eight  finish at the Midwest Classic, which he will hunt for. 

Jason Bynarowicz
Colorado Mesa

Among his notable wins, Jason Bynarowicz owns both a 1:53 fall over Ryan Cody as well as an 18-2 technical fall. He also owns a 12-2 major decision over Hunter Tobiasson. 

Noah Gnibus

Now that two time Midwest Classic place-winner Brock Biddle has now graduated, it is time for Noah Gnibus to step in & try and earn another top 8 showing at 184 for the Mountain Cats.  He thus far Vs who he'll see her, owns a 6:48 fall over Clint Morrisette. 

Clint Morrisette 

In wrestling sometimes you have to throw logic out the window & realize that what happened in the past, is just that...what happened in the past.  Yes, Clint Morrisette has losses going into this tournament against many of those whom he's likely to face. Nevertheless, in tough situations, the guy knows how to win. He illustrated that clearly by qualifying for D2 nationals last year. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him pull of an upset or two. 

Ryan Cody
Colorado School of Mines

The Florida native may not be ranked, but if you finish one match shy of a medal at the Midwest Classic, in my estimation you deserve mention.  You also deserve to be seen as a threat to a possible top 8 finish or in the least the though that you'll be right there fighting for one as you were last season. 

Hunter Tobiasson
Adams State

There are some unranked wrestlers here at the Midwest Classic who could very well pose a big problem to those that are ranked. Unranked wrestlers who could really make some noise. Hunter Tobiasson is one of them. An NCAA D2 qualifier last season, he was one match shy of top 8 here in Indianapolis.  A 4:26 fall over Jason Bynarowicz, he also owns a 2:23 fall over Ryan Cody as well as a 10-3 decision. 

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