Thursday, December 7, 2023

Lehigh Vs Oklahoma State Dual Preview (12-8-2023)


A Great dual tonight between the #15 Lehigh Mountain Hawks & the #4 Oklahoma State Cowboys. While the Orange & Black is highly favored, there will be quite a few good matches between the two teams. One in particularly that all collegiate wrestling fans should look forward to.  Here are the best matches of the night....

U.R. Sheldon Seymour Vs U.R. Troy Spratley
125 lbs 

Neither of these two gentlemen are currently ranked but both are more than capable of being top 33 by season's end. Seymour has placed at both the EIWA championships as well as the Midlands in the past & knows how to win. Spratley continues to try and win over head coach John Smith & the Poke wrestling fans after transferring from Minnesota.  Thus far he owns an 8-2 record, with his best win being over Spencer Moore of North Carolina.  While a win over Seymour wouldn't exactly be striking gold, it would be a good win on his resume.  As would it be on Seymour's resume to defeat Spratley. 

#2 Ryan Crookham Vs #1 Daton Fix
133 lbs 

Here's the match of the entire week my friends & yes, I say that even after watching a fantastic CKLV this past weekend.  Here is the match that I think all of us are waiting for. Just how good is this Ryan Crookham? Are we truly looking at Lehigh's next national champion? We're gonna find out at he faces Daton Fix tonight. So much is riding on the line for both of these outstanding talents tonight. Fix is a three time NCAA DI finalist & you can preach, "March" all you damn well please, you and I both know that a win here over Crookham would set the tone for the rest of the season. Give him that mental edge as we head on into the rest of December. On the same hand I think a loss to Crookham might plant a seed of doubt, one that may be difficult to overcome as the season progresses. We have two guys who both want to be thought of as the very best at this weight class & we'll find out which one is later tonight. 

#10 Malyke Hines Vs #8 Tagen Jamison
141 lbs 

Youth Vs Experience in this classic showdown. Malyke Hines finished one match shy of All American honors last season & currently still stands just outside of that top eight class via the rankings.  A win over a tough Tagen Jamison would be great for the Mountain Hawk & could very well propel him up the rankings. On the same hand, a win for Jamison over Hines would be quite good for Jamison. The Cowboy showed off his skills this past weekend in Vegas, earning a 5th place finish, which included a major decision over last year's CKLV champion Brock Hardy. 

U.R. Jake Logan VS #2 Izzak Olejnik
165 lbs 

With as sharp and as skilled as Izzak Olejnik has looked thus far this season, just dominating the competition, some might wonder why I'm even bringing this match up. There's a good chance that Olejnik could win this match via major decision, if not even more. However Jake Logan is a tough wrestler. One who ironically seems to get up for bigger matches of this caliber than what he would for matches of less importance.  In no way shape or form do I see an upset here, but I can see Logan wrestling much better than anticipated. I can see him keeping this match to a respectable decision. Could very well eat my words and be looking at a 20-4 score when it is all said and done, but a Jake Logan that comes to wrestle is a hell of a lot better than the current u.r. he stands out now. 

#5 Michael Beard Vs #12 Luke Surber
197 lbs 

Michael Beard was an All American all the way back in 2021 & he finished one match shy of earning his second All American honor this past season. The Mountain Hawk wants back on that award stand & he knows it's going to take big wins to do it. It's gonna take beating the likes of Luke Surber, who himself wants on that award stand every bit as much as Beard does. Thus far Beard owns a 10-7 decision over the Cowboy, and he knows that tonight's battle will be every bit as fierce. In a sport that relies so heavily upon rankings, which effect seeds, we'll see a great match between two All American candidates. 

#15 Nathan Taylor Vs #12 Konner Doucet

We have two big strong HWT's, both of which are probably close to that 285 lbs mark duking it out tonight. Both of these guys at the current time are in that R12 frame of thought & both could use a good solid win over the other as they progress into the rest of the season. The last these two mountains of men collided it was a 2-1 decision for the Cowboy over the Mountain Hawk.  I would say we're probably looking at a similar score, whoever should win. 

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