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Defending The Title: 1986: Those Who Did And Those Who Did Not Defend The Title

 Bloomsburg's Ricky Bonomo won his second of three titles as Wisconsin's Jim Jordan, Iowa's Marty Kistler and Oklahoma's Melvin Douglas all won their second. 

Iowa Wrestling - Good Morning Windsor, New York!... | Facebook
1986 Champion 126
Brad Penrith of Iowa 

Finishing 4th-3rd-State Champion for Windsor High in New York, Penrith was a three time BIG 10 champion for the Hawkeyes. He won the NCAA title as a sophomore in 1986, finishing as the NCAA runner-up in 1987 and 1988.  Post college he had success on the international level with a Pan-American Gold in 1989, World Cup Bronze medals in 1990 & 1991, a World Silver in 1991 and a Good Wills Games Bronze in 1994.  He then got into coaching, his longest tenure Northern Iowa. 

Kevin Dresser - Wrestling Coach - Iowa State University Athletics
1986 Champion 142
Kevin Dresser of Iowa 

A two time state champion for Humboldt, Dresser was 4th in the nation as a junior in 1985 before winning the NCAA title in 1986 as a senior.  He later coached at both the high school and collegiate levels.  He led Virginia Tech to two ACC titles & is currently the head coach at Iowa State. 

Heffernan Added to Iowa Wrestling Dominance – University of Iowa Athletics
1986 Champion 150 
Jim Heffernan of Iowa 

A two time Ohio State champion for St. Edward, Heffernan was a four time All American for the Hawkeyes.  Finishing 4th in the nation as a true freshman in 1983, he came back to make the NCAA finals as a redshirt sophomore in 1985.  Winning the NCAA title as a junior in 1986, he again finished runner-up in 1987.  

Jude Skove - National Champion - Long Branch
1986 Champion 158 
Jude Skove of Ohio State 

Coming to Ohio State from New Jersey where he competed for Long Branch High School, Skove was a senior when he won the NCAA title for the Buckeyes. 

Duane Goldman | Varsity jacket, Wrestler, Wrestling
1986 Champion 190 
Duane Goldman of Iowa 

The collegiate story of Duane Goldman of Iowa is one that seems as if it came out of a Hollywood script.  While in high school, Goldman won two Colorado State titles for Cheyenne Mountain high school.  Wrestling for the Hawkeyes he won four BIG 10 titles, making the NCAA finals in 1983, 1984 and 1985 to lose heartbreaking close matches to finish in 2nd place.  1986 was his final shot at winning the national title and in dramatic fashion he finally won securing his championship.  In 1987 he won Pan-American Gold.  He was later the long time coach at Indiana. 
Bentley Image Bank, Bentley Historical Library: Kirk Trost, UM Wrestling  1985/86
1986 Champion UNL 
Kirk Trost of Michigan 

Another NCAA champion that never won a state title.  In the state of Illinois Trost was 2nd & 3rd his last two years of high school.  Wrestling for the Wolverines, he was NCAA runner-up in 1985, winning the NCAA title in 1986 as a senior.  He later won World Bronze in 1990. 


Bonomo, Jordan, Kistler and Douglas previously mentioned 

Penrith and Heffernan did not repeat 

Dresser, Skove, Goldman and Trost all seniors. 

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