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Defending the Title: 1982: Those Who Did and Those Who Did Not Defend The Title

 Dan Cuestas of Cal State Bakersfield and Andre Metzger of Oklahoma both finished off their careers as two time Champions as Nate Carr of Iowa State and Mark Schultz of Oklahoma both won title #2 of what would eventually be 3. 

1982 Champion 118
Barry Davis of Iowa 

A three time state champion for Cedar Rapids Prairie, Davis went straight to work for the Hawkeyes placing seventh as a freshman in 1981.  From there on out he would dominate the field, winning NCAA titles in 1982, 1983 and 1985.  He also had tremendous success on the international scene, winning Pan-American Gold in between his junior and senior seasons.  He added an Olympic Silver in 1984, with World Bronze in 1986 and World Silver in 1987.  He then took over as the head coach at Wisconsin from 1994 to 2018.  Barry's wife Nan, was a six time All American on the Iowa Track team. 

1982 Champion 134
C.D. Mock of North Carolina 

A Pennsylvania state champion for Council Rock High School, Mock three ACC titles for the Tarheels during his career.  Finishing one match shy of All American status as a freshman in 1978, he placed 3rd at the NCAA's as a sophomore in 1979. He had an unfortunate tournament getting upset, not placing in 1980, but completely redeemed himself by taking the national title as a senior.  He later coached at North Carolina. 

1982 Champion 158
Jim Zalesky of Iowa 

Another product of Cedar Rapids Prairie, Zalesky won two state titles during his time in high school.  Like Davis, he went straight to work as a Hawkeye placing 5th in the nation as a freshman in 1981.  He then pretty much owned the field winning NCAA titles in 1982, 1983 and 1984.  Post college he coached the Iowa Hawkeyes to three NCAA team titles. He then coached the Oregon State Beavers to 7 PAC-12 team titles. He is now the head coach at Jamestown. 

1982 Champion 167
Dave Schultz of Oklahoma 

One of the most beloved figures the sport of wrestling has ever had, Dave Schultz is said to have had the best senior year of high school wrestling that ever was.  A state champion for Palo Alto, Schultz is one of the only wrestlers you'll ever read about that wore both the Orange and black of Oklahoma State and the crimson and cream of Oklahoma.  Competing for the Cowboys, Schultz took 3rd in the nation in 1978.  Transferring to Oklahoma, he was second in the NCAA's in 1981.  He finished off his collegiate career with a national title in 1982. 

To say that he was successful on the international level is an understatement.  

4 Gold, 1 Silver in the World Cup 
1 Gold, 1 Bronze in Pan-American 
1 Gold, 1 Silver in Good Will Games 
2 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold in World Championships 
1 Gold Olympics 

1982 Champion 190 
Pete Bush of Iowa 

A State champion for Davenport Assumption, Bush was a NCAA champion for Iowa his junior season of 1982.  Redshirting in 1983 where he won a Pan-American Bronze, he returned in 1984 but did not place at the NCAA championships.  Post college he coached at Davenport Assumption. 

1982 Champion UNL
Bruce Baumgartner of Indiana State 

Professional wrestler Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow who wrestled in New Jersey during high school was once asked what his greatest accomplishment was on the mat.  His response? "Baumgartner didn't pin me."   

When you look at the unbelievable accolades and credentials of Bruce Baumgartner it's difficult to believe that he never won a state title during high school.  Matter of fact finishing as the New Jersey state runner-up, none of the big wrestling schools were interested in him. Their loss, was Indiana State's gain.  

Wrestling for the Sycamores, he was twice NCAA runner-up in 1980 & 1981, capturing the NCAA title as a senior. 

If you thought that Dave Schultz had one heck of a resume internationally, here is Baumgartner's. 

6 Gold, 1 Silver Pan-American 
7 Gold, 4 Silver World Cup
3 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze World Championships 
1 Gold Good Will Games 
2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Olympics 

To think that Indiana State produced what is arguably the greatest international wrestler (medal count is hard to beat) of all time, and they don't even have a program anymore.  Asinine isn't it?  I mean can you imagine them doing that to Larry Bird? Let's get real. 


Cuestas, Carr, Metzer, M Schultz already mentioned 

Davis, Zalesky repeat 

Bush does not repeat 

Mock, D Schultz, Baumgartner all seniors 

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