Friday, February 18, 2022

Mideast Regional - DIII- Preview (Feb 25th-26th, 2022)


125 lbs 

Pretty sure one of the qualifiers we'll see out of the Mideast Regional will be two time NCAA DIII qualifier Matt Caccamise of Brockport State.  Although he does have a loss by fall to Matthew Griffin of Ithaca in 6:04, he's also defeated Griffin by technical fall 16-0.  He also owns a 1:51 fall over Terry Adams of Ursinus. 

I think another possible qualifier here could be Cody Merwin of SUNY-Cortland as well as Joey Lamparelli of Muhlenberg.   Either way, I think Caccamise will be a top three place-winner/qualifier be it gold, silver or bronze & whoever the other two end up being, I say it'll be one of the four listed above. 

133 lbs 

I believe the fight for a top three qualification in the Mideast Regional will be among five wrestlers.  Zach Levey of Borkport State, J.C. Cardenas of SUNY-Cortland, Jacy Jones of Centenary, Andre Ruiz of Jersey City and Kyle Nase of College of New Jersey.   

Cardenas owns a 7-1 victory over Levey 
Ruiz owns a 11-9 victory over Cardenas
Nase owns a 10-7 victory over Ruiz 

Should be a fun competitive bracket. 

141 lbs 

Did I spell it right? Am I saying it right?  Either way, I believe that one of the Mideast Regional finalists at 141 lbs will be Domenic Difrancescantonio of the College of New Jersey.  With a 7-4 victory over Chris Horton of R.I.T. & a 2:07 fall over Travis Jones of Ithaca, I'd say he has a pretty good shot at winning a title too.  I wouldn't count out Jones though, who won a Mideast Regional title in 2020 at 133 lbs.  He's thus far defeated Horton on three occasions, 18-5, 19-4 & 9-6. 

149 lbs 

See the fight for qualification at 149 lbs in the Mideast Regional being among four talented individuals.  

One of which will be Matt Beyer of Ithaca, who thus far has wins over the other three I see fighting for a spot in the top three. Beyer has defeated Michael Conklin of the College of New Jersey 7-2, Michael Glynn of RIT 10-2 & Marquis Larmond of Brockport State 14-9.  

Conklin has defeated Glynn 5-1 & Larmond has split with Glynn, winning a 10-5 match by dropping a 8-1 decision. 

157 lbs 

The best Kaidon Winters of R.I.T. ever finished in high school was 5th at the state championships & now he's the #1 ranked wrestler at 157 lbs in NCAA Division III looking to win both a Mideast Regional title & a DIII title.  The question is, who will be the other two to join him in a trip to the NCAA's? 

Chandler Merwin of SUNY-Cortland? I think he makes a case.  He's thus far defeated Anson DeWar of Muhlenberg 13-6 & he owns a 3-1 sudden victory over Adam Wagner of Ithaca. 

DeWar owns a 3:35 fall over Shawn Marchesano of Ursinus, but dropped an 11-5 decision to Jeff Johnson of Jersey City.  

Marchesano owns a 9-7 victory over Wagner. 

Semis, consolation semis, consolation finals...I think we're going to see some good wrestling at 157 lbs in the Mideast Regional. 

165 lbs 

 Similar to 157 lbs, we have Dominick Reyes of Johns Hopkins as our for runner & it's sort of up in the air after that.   

I believe Austin Lamb of RIT is a good candidate for a top three finish & NCAA DIII qualification.  He owns both a 5-4 & 6-2 decision over Tyler Brazinski of Oneonta.   Jackson Gray of Ithaca has also defeated Brazinski 9-5.  

Alex LaVek of McDaniel among names already mentioned, another I could see finishing in the top 3. 

174 lbs 

Pretty sure we're looking at a final between two former NCAA DIII qualifiers, Charlie Grygas of SUNY-Oswego and Demitreus Henry of SUNY-Cortland.  The battle for third?  See Joe Paul of Johns Hopkins & Reid Colella of the College of New Jersey battling it out. 

184 lbs 

Two time NCAA DIII qualifier Eze Chukwuezi of Ithaca heads the class at 184 lbs.  He has victories over Daniel Surich of the College of New Jersey, who could very well end up his finals opponent, 8-2 & 8-3.   Anxious to see if Jake Kallenborn of the Pennsylvania College of Technology can end up in 3rd. 

197 lbs 

The College of New Jersey's Quinn Haddad won a Mideast Regional title in 2020. Can he win another title in 2022? I think it's a real possibility, although he'll have some serious competition out of Luca Colestock of Muhlenberg who was a runner-up at the Mideast Regional in 2020 as well as Jordan Wallace of Ithaca who has been wrestling exceptionally well this season.  It'll be fun to see how this bracket turns out. 


As to the NCAA qualifiers at HWT for the Mideast Regional? I think Richard Knapp of Brockport State stands a good shot.  A NCAA DIII qualifier in 2020, he owns both a 1:56 fall & a 3-1 sudden victory over Thomas Marretta of the College of New Jersey.  

Tony Wuest of McDaniel has pinned Malcolm Hunt of Ursinus twice in 6:02 & 2:14, but he dropped a 9-2 decision to Dylan Waller of Elizabethtown.  Waller also owns an 8-7 decision over Caleb Burkhart of Keystone.  

Among these six wrestlers, three I predict will be out top three place-winners/NCAA DIII qualifiers. 


It's fun to see the who's who among some of the smaller east coast schools. The Wrestling Gawds above only know how dedicated, braggadocios and proud Pennsylvanians, New Jerseyans & New Yorkers are of their big school wrestlers from Penn State, Rutgers & so on. I'm excited to see if their small school wrestlers get any of the same love and recognition.  There are a lot of good wrestlers here, if you simply open up your eyes and give DIII a look.  

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