Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Lehigh Vs Penn Top Matches (Feb 4th, 2022)


Let's talk a little Ivy League wrestling shall we?  Friday night will post the Mountain Hawks of Lehigh against the Quakers of Pennsylvania.  There are going to be a lot of great matches in this dual.  

125 - #19 Jaret Lane Vs #26 Ryan Miller 

The last time these two met, Lane stuck Miller at 6:06, but I do not feel that we'll see a similar result in this dual.  I think the match is going to be a lot closer.  Miller recently beat Columbia's Joe Manchio, whereas Lane recently lost to him. This could very well be an upset for the Quakers. 

133 - #16 Malyke Hines Vs #17 Michael Colaiocco 

Seeding purposes for the EIWA championships this match is rather important for both competitors.  Ranking has Hines slightly favored above Colaiocco but I think result slightly favors Colaiocco. It'll be interesting to see how this match turns out. 

149 - U.R. Manzona Bryant Vs #27 Anthony Artalona 

With victories of Iowa's #10 Max Murin and Penn State's #18 Beau Bartlett, I'm rather shocked that Bryant isn't currently in the rankings.  Do I think he can pull off an upset against Artalona? Yes, and I think if #15 Lehigh wants to avoid getting upset by #19 Penn, he'll have to.  Artalona has struggled this season. Thus making a win over Bryant crucial for him, yet making a win for Bryant all the more likely. 

157 - #8 Josh Humphreys Vs #20 Doug Zapf 

Humphrey's favored via rankings, but it was Zapf who took a 9-8 decision the last time these two met. Despite whatever else has happened or will happen throughout the season, Zapf always seems up and ready to go for in-conference competition. This should be a good one. 

165 lbs - #24 Brian Meyer Vs #25 Lucas Revano 

Like 133 1bs, these two are only separated by a single space within the rankings & this match will be vital in terms of EIWA seedings.  The last these two met, Meyer won a 2-2 tiebreaker on a rideout. If that doesn't tell you how close these guys are in terms of ability and talent, little else will. For Penn's sake of pulling off the upset & for Lehigh's sake of avoiding it, this is one important match. 

174 - U.R. Jake Logan Vs #26 Nick Incontrera 

Yet another example where ranking doesn't necessarily equate result.  The last time these two met Logan was the one who made out like Kathy Mattea as he walked off the mat with a 4-3 decision. I think we'll see another close one between the two. 

184 - U.R. A.J. Burkhart Vs #32 Neil Antrassian 

Don't grow tired of ranking not matching result quite yet.  We have one more example.  Burkhart actually owns an 8-6 victory over Antrassian.  And that's the thing about Burkhart. He's proven to be one of those wrestlers that you never quite count out.  A recent huge victory over Cornell's Jonathan Loew suggest that Antrassian is well within his reach. 


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