Monday, March 11, 2024

In Contention For An At Large/Wildcard Bid NCAA DI = 141 lbs

 Here at 141 lbs in NCAA DI wrestling, we have six at large/wildcard bids. I'm anxious to see who all they go to.  I'm very confident about the first three, but up in the air about the next three.  

Jordan Titus
  West Virginia 

23-4 on the season & a Midlands champion, let's not kid ourselves. Jordan Titus of West Virginia, an All American candidate is getting into the 2024 NCAA DI wrestling championships. 

Tom Crook
 Virginia Tech 

Tom Crook of Virginia Tech was 4th in a very competitive ACC bracket where you had to be top 3 to get an automatic bid.  20 wins on the season & a 3rd place finish at the Midlands, I'd say we're pretty gold on Crook getting one of the at large/wildcard bids into the NCAA DI championships.  A 9-8 victory over Josh Edmond of Missouri, he also owns a 5-4 decision over Lachlan McNeil of North Carolina. 

Kal Miller

The last half of the regular season & the BIG 10 championships were not a pretty sight to see for Kal Miller of Maryland.  It was heartbreaking to see him have such a bad couple of days, especially considering that Maryland hosted the tournament. However, as mentioned prior, the entire point of our current qualification system is to incorporate the entire season.  Miller looked exceptionally good earlier this season & I say that gets him into the 2024 NCAA DI championships.  A 2-1 tiebreaker over Edmond, he owns both a 4-1 s.v. & a 12-4 major decision over ACC runner-up Cole Matthews of Pittsburgh. 

See, now I'm at a loss.  I'm not sure who our other three at large/wildcard bids will be.  As said, I'm very confident that Titus, Crook & Miller get in.  I know on a personal level I'd love to see Jason Miranda of Stanford get in, but I don't know if he has the W's & I could say the same about Haiden Drury of Utah Valley.  Miranda ought to get a jersey with #34 written on it, cause I swear that's about where he finishes every season. 

Who do you see being our six wildcards/At large bids? 

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