Thursday, December 8, 2022

Oregon State Vs Penn State Preview (12-11-2022)


We live in a day in age where in terms of collegiate wrestling, until proven otherwise Penn State rules the roost. Everyone wants a shot at knocking off a wrestler who wears the dark blue and white. As a whole, the #27 Oregon State Beavers aren't taking down the #1 team in the nation. As individuals? There are a few matches where the Beavers more than stand a chance at getting their hands raised at the end and a handful more where they'll show they belong on the mat. 

133 lbs
#32 Jason Shaner Jr Vs #1 Roman Bravo-Young 

A scrapper and a fighter, the first time Jason Shaner Jr met up with Roman Bravo-Young, he gave the Nittany Lion his all, eventually dropping an 8-3 decision. Since that time he's grown tremendously as a wrestler & I would like to think he can give RBY an even better match this time. I dare not call an upset. I do not see that happening, but what I do see is Shaner going into this match with no fear. I think he'll go after RBY and attempt to score points. There will be no respect shown from the Beaver & RBY will have to use his immense skills to counter, reshoot & scramble. 

141 lbs
#15 Cleveland Belton Vs #9 Beau Bartlett 

This is definitely a match I feel the Beavers can be competitive in. Cleveland Belton is a go getter that win or lose, is gonna give you Hell for a full seven minutes. Beau Bartlett will be favored, but he will want to go into this match knowing it'll be a war. 

165 lbs
#30 Matt Olguin Vs #17 Alex Facundo 

Here's another match where I wouldn't dare overlook the Beavers. Matt Olguin looked outstanding last weekend capturing 3rd place at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. He'll be on a high, confident and poised to try and knock off Alex Facundo.  Like Bartlett, Facundo is obviously favored but again this is gonna be a war. 

184 lbs
#6 Trey Munoz Vs #1 Aaron Brooks 

This is a match that in particularly peaks my interest. From a logical and rational standpoint, one would think that Aaron Brooks wins this match easily enough, with a comfortable decision. That is after all the conclusion one comes to using reason after adding up all of the facts and variables.  However, I know that Munoz will be prepared for this match.  His father was an NCAA champion for Oklahoma State back in the day & I know it'd be a huge deal if Munoz were to knock Brooks off.  Will it happen? I don't know, but something tells me that this is a Steve Marianetti Vs Lincoln McIlravy situation. He's training specifically to beat Brooks. 

197 lbs 
#21 Tanner Harvey Vs #1 Max Dean Penn State 

#1 Max Dean was knocked off twice this past weekend & unfortunately for the Nittany Lion, it doesn't get any easier this weekend. Tanner Harvey looked very sharp taking home CKLV runner-up honors & he will be prepared to try and hand Dean his third loss in three matches.  A win for Harvey would propel him up in the rankings & make 197 somehow, even more bananas than what it already is. A win for Dean would help to restore his confidence & get him back on track after a rough start in December. 

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