Friday, December 30, 2022

2023 Southern Scuffle Preview = 184 lbs


Iowa State's Marcus Coleman certainly made a statement this past weekend as he knocked off the seemingly invincible & indestructible Aaron Brooks of Penn State. Now it'll Cyclone who has the target on his back as he goes into the Southern Scuffle, the favorite to take home the title. 

Marcus Coleman
Iowa State 

 6th here in 2019, he is now the heavy favorite to take home the title.  Among the competition he owns two technical falls over DeAnthony Parker by scores of 18-2 & 16-0. I would say out of all likely *1 seeds this tournament, he has the highest probability to walking out champion without being upset. 

Isaiah Salazar

If anyone can give the Cyclone a run for his $$, it's gonna be one of two people. One of which is Golden Gopher Isaiah Salazar.  He was 6th here last season.  With a 4-0 win over likely semi-final opponent Travis Wittlake, he'll be favored to make the finals.  He owns a 4-3 as well as an 18-1 technical fall over Parker. 

Travis Wittlake
Oklahoma State 

The glory days of 20'-21' still seem fairly far away for the Cowboy, but they aren't near as far as they once were. Glimpses of the success he had that season creep up every now and again.  All it would take is grand performance he is more than capable of here at the Scuffle & suddenly what was yesterday, now become today.  Wittlake was 3rd here in 2020. 

Jacob Nolan 

Billy Baldwin's favorite team  looks to put another wrestler on the award stand & this one might even pull off an upset or two along the way. After all, Jacob Nolan does own a 5-4 victory over Salazar.  He also owns a 3-1 victory over Parker. 

Sean Harman

Sean Harman looks to earn a top 8 finish for the Tigers this Scuffle. 

Jacob Ferreira

Bucknell, to North Carolina State & now spending his final season at Hofstra.  Among those looking to bring home a medal from this year's Scuffle, Jacob Ferreira.

Matt Waddell

His final home tournament, Matt Waddell looks to earn medal number two.  4th at the Scuffle in 2020, he finished one match shy of placing this past season.  Waddell is the type of guy who consistently attacks  & is always trying to score. Gotta admire that in a wrestler.  Owns a 5-2 win over Jha'Quan Anderson. 

Unranked guys who could make a splash here at 197?

Jha'Quan Anderson
Gardner Webb 

The Runnin' Bulldog has quite the roller coaster career.  He's looked sharp at times & other times, well..not.  I think on a good day he could upset his way to a top 8 finish.  I definitely think he can be top 12. 

D.J. Parker
North Dakota State 

Parker is in the same boat as is Anderson. Times when he looks really good & really tough and other times when he doesn't.  Classic example is getting teched by Salazar & another time holding him to a 4-3 match. There are two Parkers. One that could show up here & earn a medal, and the other that could go home empty handed. The prior showed up last season & took 8th. Let's hope the prior shows up again. 

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