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 As I did for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II & NCAA Division III, here is a list of NAIA programs that have wrestling, that had wrestling but no longer do & ones that have never had wrestling.  Again this is to the best of my knowledge. If a NEVER should be a HAD, please let me know. 

Alice Loyd (Kentucky) = NEVER
Antelope Valley (California) = HAD
Aquinas (Michigan) = NEVER
Arizona Christian = HAS
Arkansas Baptist = HAS
Ava Maria (Florida) = NEVER
Avila (Missouri) = HAS
Bacone (Oklahoma) = HAD
Baker (Kansas) = HAS
Bellevue (Nebraska) = NEVER
Benedictine (Kansas) = HAS
Benedictine Mesa (Arizona) = NEVER
Bethany (Kansas) = HAS
Bethel (Indiana) = NEVER
Bethel (Kansas) = NEVER
Blue Mountain (Mississippi) = NEVER
Bluefield (Virginia) = HAS
Brenau (Georgia) = NEVER
Brescia (Kentucky) = NEVER
Brewton Parker (Georgia) = HAS
Briar Cliff (Iowa) = HAS
British Columbia (Canada) = NEVER
Bryan (Tennessee) = HAD
Bushnell (Oregon) = NEVER
Cal State Maritime = NEVER
UC-Merced = NEVER
Calumet St Joseph (Indiana) = HAS
Campbellsville (Kentucky) = HAS
Cardinal Stretch (Wisconsin) = NEVER
Carlow (Pennsylvania) = NEVER
Carroll (Montana) = NEVER
Central Baptist (Arkansas) = HAS
Central Christian (Kansas) = HAS
Central Methodist (Missouri) = HAS
Clarke (Iowa) = HAD
Cleary (Michigan) = HAS
Costal Georgia = NEVER
Columbia (Missouri) = NEVER
Columbia (South Carolina) = NEVER
Columbia International (South Carolina) = NEVER
Concordia (Michigan) = NEVER
Concordia (Nebraska) = HAS
Corban (Oregon) = HAS
Cornerstone (Michigan) = HAS
Cottey (Missouri) = NEVER
Crowling's Ridge (Arkansas) = NEVER
Culver Stockton (Missouri) = NEVER
Cumberland (Tennessee) = HAS
Cumberlands (Kentucky) = HAS
Dakota State (South Dakota) = HAD
Dakota Wesleyan (South Dakota) = HAS
Dalton State (Georgia) = NEVER
Dickinson State (North Dakota) = HAS
Dillard (Louisiana) = NEVER
Doane (Nebraska) = HAS
Dordt (Iowa) = NEVER
Eastern Oregon = HAS
Embry Riddle (Arizona) = HAS
Evangel (Missouri) = HAD
Evergreen State (Washington) = NEVER
Faulkner (Alabama) = NEVER
Fisher (Massachusetts) = NEVER
Fisk (Tennessee) = NEVER
Florida College = NEVER
Florida Memorial = NEVER
Florida National = NEVER
Freed Hardeman (Tennessee) = NEVER
Friends (Kansas) = HAS
Georgetown (Kentucky) = HAD
Georgia Gwinnett (NEVER)
Goshen (Indiana) = NEVER
Governors State (Illinois) = NEVER
Grace Seminary (Indiana) = NEVER
Graceland (Iowa) = HAS
Grand View (Iowa) = HAS
Hannibal LaGrange (Missouri) = HAS but considering dropping
Harris Stowe (Missouri) = NEVER
Huskell Indian Nations (Kansas) = NEVER
Hastings (Nebraska) = HAS
Holy Cross (Indiana) = NEVER
Hope International (California) = NEVER
Houston Victoria (Texas) = NEVER
Huntington (Indiana) = NEVER
Huston Tillotson (Texas) = NOT SURE
College of Idaho = NEVER
Indiana Tech = HAS
Indiana Wesleyan = NEVER
Indiana East = NEVER
Kokomo (Indiana) = NEVER
Indiana Northwest = NEVER
Indiana South Bend = NEVER
Indiana Southeast = NEVER
Iowa Wesleyan = HAS
Jamestown (North Dakota) = HAS
Jarvis Christian (Texas) = NEVER
John Brown (Arkansas) = NEVER
Johnson (Tennessee) = NEVER
Judson (Illinois) = NEVER
Kansas Wesleyan = HAS
Keiser (Florida) = HAS
Kentucky Christian = NEVER
La Sierra (California) = NEVER
Langston (Oklahoma) = NEVER
Lawrence Tech (Michigan) = NEVER
Lewis Clark State (Idaho) = NEVER
Life Pacific (California) = listed as HAS but pretty sure they have already dropped
Life (Georgia) = HAS
Lincoln (Illinois) = HAD (entire college is closing) 
Lincoln Christian (Illinois) = NEVER
Lindsey Wilson (Kentucky) = HAS
Louisiana Christian = NEVER
LSU-Alexandria = NEVER
LSU-Shreveport = NEVER
Lourdes (Ohio) = HAS
Loyola New Orleans = NEVER
Madonna (Michigan) = NEVER
Marian (Indiana) = HAS
Marymount California = NEVER
Master's (California) = NEVER
Mayville State (North Dakota) HAD
McPherson (Kansas) = NEVER
Menlo (California) = HAD
Michigan Dearborn = NEVER
Mid-American Christian (Oklahoma) = NEVER
MidAmerican Nazarene (Kansas) = NEVER
Middle Georgia State = NEVER
Midland (Nebraska) = HAS
Midway (Kentucky) = HAS
Milligan (Tennessee) = HAD
Missouri Baptist = HAS
Missouri Valley = HAS
Mobile (Alabama) = NEVER
Montana State Northern = HAS
Montana Tech = NEVER
Montana Western = HAD
Montreat (North Carolina) = HAS
Morningside (Iowa) = HAS
Morris (South Carolina) = NEVER
Mount Marty (South Dakota) = NEVER
Mount Mercy (Iowa) = NEVER
Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) = NEVER
Multnomah (Oregon) = NEVER
North Texas Dallas = NEVER
Northern New Mexico = NEVER
Northwest (Washington) = NEVER
Northwestern (Iowa) = HAS
Oakland City (Indiana) = NEVER
Ohio Christian = NEVER
Ohio Valley (West Virginia) = HAS
Oklahoma City = HAS
Oklahoma Panhandle State = NEVER
Oklahoma Wesleyan = HAS
Olivet Nazarene (Illinois) = HAD
Oregon Tech = HAD
Ottawa (Arizona) = NEVER
Ottawa (Kansas) = HAS
Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) = NEVER
Pacific Union (California) = NEVER
Park (Missouri) = NEVER
Park Gilbert (Arizona) = NEVER
Paul Quinn (Texas) = NEVER 
Penn State Schuykill = NEVER
Peru State (Nebraska) = HAD
Philander Smith (Arkansas) = NEVER
Pikeville (Kentucky) = Kentucky
Point (Georgia) = NEVER
Point Park (Pennsylvania) = NEVER
Presentation (South Dakota) = NEVER
Providence (Montana) = HAS
Providence Christian (California) = NEVER
Reinhardt (Georgia) = HAS
Rio Grande (Ohio) = HAS
Rochester (Michigan) = HAS
Rocky Mountain (Montana) = HAD
Roosevelt (Illinois) = NEVER
Rust (Mississippi) = NEVER
St Ambrose (Iowa) = HAS
St Andrews (North Carolina) = HAS
St Francis (Illinois) = NEVER
Saint Francis (Indiana) = NEVER
Saint Katherine (California) = NEVER
St Louis Health & Pharmacy = HAS
Saint Mary (Kansas) = HAS
Saint Mary of the Woods (Indiana) = NEVER
Saint Xavier (Illinois) = NEVER
San Diego Christian = NEVER
Savanna Art & Design (Georgia) = NEVER
Savanna Art & Design Atlanta (Georgia) = NEVER
Science and Arts (Oklahoma) = NEVER
Shawnee State (Ohio) = NEVER
Siena Heights (Michigan) = HAS
Sierra Nevada = NEVER 
Simpson (California) = HAS
Soka American (California) = NEVER
South Carolina Beaufort = NEVER
Southeastern (Florida) = HAS
Southern Oregon = HAS
University of the Southwest (New Mexico) = NEVER
Southwestern Assemblies of God (Texas) = NEVER
Southwestern Christian (Oklahoma) = NEVER
Southwestern (Kansas) = NEVER
Spring Arbor (Michigan) = NEVER
Stephen's (Missouri) = NEVER
Sterling (Kansas) = NEVER
Stillman (Alabama) = NEVER
Tabor (Kansas) = NEVER
Talladega (Alabama) = NEVER
Taylor (Indiana) = HAD
Tennessee Southern = NEVER
Tennessee Wesleyan = NEVER
Texas A&M San Antonio = NEVER
Texas A&M Texarkana = NEVER
Texas College = NEVER
Texas Wesleyan = HAS
Thomas (Georgia) = NEVER
Thomas More (Kentucky) = HAS
Tougaloo (Mississippi) = NEVER
Trinity Christian (Illinois) = NEVER
Trinity International (Illinois) = NEVER
Truett McConnell (Georgia) = HAS
Union (Kentucky) = NEVER
Valley City State (North Dakota) = HAD
Vanguard (California) = HAS
Victoria (Canada) = NEVER
Virgin Islands = NEVER
Viterbo (Wisconsin) = NEVER
Voorhees (South Carolina) = NEVER
Waldorf (Iowa) = HAS
Walla Walla (Washington) = NEVER
Warner (Florida) = NEVER
Washington Adventist (Maryland) = NEVER
Warner Pacific (Oregon) = HAS
Wayland Baptist (Texas) = HAS
Webber International (Florida) = NEVER
West Virginia Tech = HAS
Westcliff (California) = NEVER
Westmont (California) = NEVER 
Wiley (Texas) = NEVER
Wilberforce (Ohio) = NEVER
William Cary (Mississippi) = NEVER
William Jessup (California) = NEVER 
William Penn (Iowa) = HAS
Williams Baptist (Arkansas) = HAS
Xavier (Louisiana) = NEVER
York (Nebraska) = HAS
North American (Indiana) = NEVER
Oakwood (Alabama) = NEVER
Southern (Louisiana) = NEVER

*NOTE* = I hate to do it, but I think I have to add in 3 HAD's.  Lincoln (Illinois) is shutting down the entire school. Hannibal-LaGrange isn't official yet, but there has been a lot of discussion about wrestling being eliminated & unfortunately I think that is going to happen. Then I believe Life Pacific in California is also dropping if they haven't already dropped. 

HAS = 75
HAD = 18 
NEVER = 154 

I could be wrong on some of my NEVER's. Seems no matter how much time, energy and passion I put into my studies of discontinued wrestling programs, someone always provides information to me providing proof that a school indeed did have a wrestling program.  I'm sure that I have some NEVER's on here that should be HAD's, but I wasn't able to find any information. 

Still even if the number is anywhere close to 155, I think that leaves the door wide open to unlock some potential. NAIA wrestling has grown tremendously over the years & I think it's going to continue to grow. I think a lot of these NEVER's & even some of these HAD's will he HAS's within the next 10 to 15 years. 

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