Friday, April 29, 2022

Gone, Lost & Forgotten: Adding to the List

 My last Gone, Lost & Forgotten (a series I did on discontinued wrestling programs) was on Marcy 14th, 2021. At that time I had written about 427 programs. 427 discontinued wrestling programs. It's insane isn't it? Heartbreaking. Depressing. Am I allowed to say infuriating? I'm told that the number is actually something closer to 700.  I wasn't able to find that many. However over the past couple of days, I've found a few more. 

Not a lot on any of the teams, but enough to know that they did indeed exist. 


Found information of a Mike Moyer (Pictured) that coached PSU-Berks to a 25-27 dual record, winner of a 1973 Regional Team Title. 

EASTERN UNIVERSITY  (St. Davids, Pennsylvania)

Have a trusted source that wrestled for Lebanon Valley that told me they used to dual against Eastern. 


Via help from a former Chattanooga Wrestler, found results of the Mocs wrestling ETSU in both 1981 and 1982. 

NORTHWESTERN STATE (Natchitoches, Louisiana) 

Wasn't able to find anything out about the Demon wrestling program, but I trust the source that told me that there was varsity wrestling here at one point. Had it in late 60's, early 70's per source. 


Good ole Screwy Louie provided photographic evidence of North Carolina Central participating in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). 


Was able to find through the Crusaders Club team that Tennessee Temple dropped their varsity program in 1985. 


Part of the confusion for me here is that Montana State Billings used to be known as Eastern Montana College. So when you try doing research on Montana State Billings Wrestling, you come up with Jack Squat, BUT when you search Eastern Montana Wrestling, you get a few scraps.  What I was able to find in reference to Yellowjacket wrestling was James Dow, more known for his football career that put together a 33-3 career record & Bob Uffelman who qualified for the NAIA's in 1973. 

CENTRAL STATE (Wilberforce, Ohio) 

Again, another football player that also wrestled is my only link to Central State wrestling.  Harvey Adams Jr, who graduated in 1981. 

VALLEY FORGE (Wayne, Pennsylvania)

I've been able to find absolutely nothing on Valley Forge wrestling, but I've been told by a few different sources that they did have varsity wrestling at one point. 

NORTHWESTERN (St Paul, Minnesota) 

I can tell you exactly how I got confused on this one.  I found results for the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) tournaments.  They had wrestlers from Northwestern written down.  Here's the problem. Some of these wrestlers represented Northwestern College in Iowa (Where I actually attended college for a while) & others represented University of Northwestern in St. Paul.  You know what though? They're both written down as simple "Northwestern"! Ah!! Drives me nuts! 

But I got it figured out now.  

The Northwestern Eagles, which we are talking about now were 1992 NCCAA champions.  I found a bunch of names, but the only one that led me anywhere was Chad Gerlach, an Alaskan state champion for Glennallen high school. He was 3rd in the NCCAA in 1991 & an NCCAA champion in 1992. 


So now my list of teams that I've found is up to 437.   

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