Thursday, July 1, 2021

Defending The Title: 1932: Who Did and Who Didn't Defend Their Title

 At the 1932 NCAA championships, Hardie Lewis of Oklahoma would reclaim his throne from 1930 NCAA's becoming a two time champion.  Heavyweight Jack Riley of Northwestern would also claim his second title. 

As to the other five champions crowned? 

1932 Champion 118 
Joe Puerta of Illinois 

Puerta who was a junior at the time he won the NCAA title, would once again make the finals in 1933 but this time have to settle for second place. 

1932 Champion 134 
Edwin Belshaw of Indiana 

Belshaw was a senior the year he captured the NCAA title for the Hoosiers.  Post graduation Belshaw looked to have a solid career in professional wrestling when it was all cut short by a tragedy.  During a match, he suffered a severe burn when his knee scraped the canvas.  This turned into a serious infection that would take his life a short time later. 

1932 Champion 158 
Carl Dougovito of Michigan 

Dougovito had made the NCAA finals twice before during his illustrious career as a wolverine, but both times saw himself on the losing end.  It was here, as a senior he would finally find himself on the winning end.  

1932 Champion 174 
Robert Hess of Iowa State 

Of the great many Cyclone wrestlers over the years, Robert Hess of Cresco, Iowa was one of them. After finishing in second place as a sophomore in 1931, Hess would stand atop the award stand in both 1932 and 1933. 

1932 Champion 191
Kerm Blosser of Ohio 

It's already an interesting fact that Kerm Blosser won the first NCAA wrestling title for the Bobcats here as a senior.  What's even more interesting is that not only was it Ohio's first title in wrestling, it was their first NCAA title in any sport.  Even more fascinating is that Blosser played basketball in high school!  

To prove that he was a natural, he was hired years later as Ohio's head men's golf coach.  He had never played a game of golf in his life, yet he was till able to lead the Bobcats to 9 MAC titles! 

So there you have the 1932 champions 

As already discussed Lewis and Riley won their second titles. 

Joe Puerta had to settle for 2nd place in 1933

Belshaw, Dougovito and Blosser were all seniors 

Hess would be crowned champion again in 1933 

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