Monday, February 12, 2024

NJCAA North Plains District Preview (Sunday February 18th)


Featuring Region 13, whereas the North Central District is affectionally nicknamed the "Iowa jucos qualifier", you might as well refer to this one as the "Minnesota jucos qualifier."  A small District of only five programs, it is still quite competitive. 

125 lbs 

Let's get right down to it.  I think that host Rochester Tech wows the crowd and excites the audience right off the bat.  Yellow Jackets are the favorite to win the 125 lbs North Plains District title with Keiichi Kong, an Apple Valley stand out while in high school. 

133 lbs

I predict Yellow Jacket fans are going to see another home favorite crowned North Plains District Champ this weekend.  Jackson McCormick really impressed me last season qualifying for the NJCAA championships, despite having never qualified for the Wisconsin high school state championships.

141 lbs 

7th in the NJCAA nation last season, I'm very confident that Cole Holien of Ridgewater will be our North Plains District champ.  I see Jake Thompson, another home favorite of Rochester Tech being his opponent in the finals. 

149 lbs 

If both Cole & Brady Holien win North Plains District titles this weekend, I believe they'll be the only set of brothers to win qualifying tournaments in all of the NJCAA.  As to who I think will be his finals opponent?  I guess I have good faith that this will be a fun tournament for Yellow Jacket fans.  I see yet another representative of Rochester Tech in the finals. 

157 lbs 

Yet again, Yellow Jacket fans could see another of their wrestler's win a title on his home mats, although Gavin Gust will have a challenge from David Platt of Itasca who is only one spot behind him in the rankings. I would also look for Taedon Nichols of Ridgewater to do well this tournament.  He was an NJCAA qualifier last season. 

165 lbs 

As said previously, this does look to be a great tournament for host Rochester Tech.  Here's yet another solid pick for a champ at 165 lbs in Leo Tukhlynovych.  


184 lbs 

Here's the deal.  As I've made an effort to familiarize myself with more NJCAA wrestling this season, I have to say that it hasn't always been easy to follow.  Rochester Tech, while they do post their '23-'24 season, does not post results.  Neither do a lot of teams in the NJCAA, although some do an outstanding job of posting information, such as NIACC for example.  Following DI, DII, DIII, NAIA & well as Women's when I get a chance...I sometimes get things mixed around in my head.  I swear I've seen Anthony Tuttle show up in some results this year.  Wanna say maybe Yellow Jacket Open?  (It was Yellow Jacket Open, Swayz just looked it up for me). 

What doesn't make sense is why he isn't in the rankings.  He was 4th in the NJCAA nation last season & he's currently on Rochester Tech's roster.  So is he hurt? Redshirting? Severely disrespected in the rankings?  What I do know is if he's competing this weekend, he's my pick for champ. 

197 lbs 

In case I forgot to mention it, I think this will end up being a very good weekend for host team Rochester Tech. Here's my pick for champ at 197, Martin Prieto. 


Very confident that our champ here will be Ridgewater's Tucker Hugg & I tell you what. It's a shame that Austin Schlangen is on the same team as him.  It really is.  Schlangen was R12 at the NJCAA's last year & would fight for All American honors once again this year.  Just goes to show how tough it is to even make a roster at the collegiate level.  

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