Thursday, February 16, 2023

Stanford Vs Cal Poly Preview (Friday 2-17-2023)


This is going to be a great dual between two of our California Division I teams as the #24 Stanford Cardinal take on the up & rising Cal Poly Mustangs.  Looking out the window at a half of foot of snow on the ground as mother nature continues to pour it from the skies, I can at least visualize myself in far warmer climate of San Luis Obispo. 

#26 Nico Provo Vs U.R. Antonio Lorenzo 
125 lbs 

This match most certainly favors the Cardinal but don't kid yourself. When on, Antonio Lorenzo can scrap. It's been a rougher season at a current 5-7, Vs a 20-11 NCAA qualification season last year. Not sure what has caused the regression. Nevertheless there is still a short amount of time to turn that decline into an incline. An upset over Provo would do just that. Is it likely? No, but it isn't impossible either. Provo should win this one in a comfortable decision, but not ruling out upset. 

#29 Jackson DiSario Vs U.R. Ethan Rotondo
133 lbs 

This is the last week of the regular season. It's time to either cut bait or fish.  As of right now Jackson DiSario is within the top 33 & Ethan Rotondo is somewhere outside of it.  Struggling this season, Rotondo picked up a huge 3-1 s.v. win over Chance Rich of Cal State Bakersfield two weeks ago. If he could somehow manage another upset against DiSario, that significantly improves his chances for a better seed at the PAC-12's.  On the same hand, DiSario wants to keep his ranking & his higher seed. A lot on the line in this match up. 

U.R. Jason Miranda Vs U.R. Lawrence Saenz
141 lbs  

As far as I'm concerned we are looking at the fight for the #3 seed at the PAC-12 championships. Whoever wins here will most likely get Cleveland Belton of Oregon State in the semi-finals, whereas the other will get Jesse Vasquez of Arizona State. Neither have faced Belton yet, but both lost decisively to Vasquez. Miranda by a 10-4 decision & Saenz by a 7-3 decision. With any chance at upset & plausible NCAA qualification, I would say both stand a better shot against Belton. This is an important match. 

#11 Jaden Abas Vs #25 Dom Demas 
149 lbs 

Dom Demas is still looking for the one solid victory to propel him back to the days of glory he experienced while competing at the 141 lbs weight class. This will be one of two shots he'll get at Jaden Abas. Regardless of who wins in the dual, one will take the #2 seed at the PAC-12's and the other will take the #3.  Mentally, Demas needs this win more than Abas does, but Abas winning here & getting another win at the PAC-12's won't hurt him any going into the NCAA's either.  I wouldn't be surprised if they split & I'd give it a probability that Abas wins both contest. I do not see Demas coming out on top in both matches. 

#25 Charlie Darracott Vs U.R. Luka Wick 
157 lbs 

At the end of last season & at the beginning of this season I called Charlie Darracott one of the best wrestlers in the nation not to qualify for the NCAA championships last year. He's more than proven me correct. An excellent showing at the Southern Scuffle, he looked sharp at Reno as well. On the surface he shouldn't have much trouble with Luka Wick, but let's remind ourselves that he is a Wick. Right now, he remains in the shadows of his more successful brothers Evan & Zander. He needs a big victory to jolt his confidence & what better time than in the last dual of the season? He's on a three match winning streak which should help him mentally going into this match.  I still say Darracott comes out the winner, but I think this one will be much better on the mat than what it is on paper. 

#3 Shane Griffith Vs U.R. Legend Lamer 
165 lbs 

You know 165 lbs is absolutely loaded when a talent like Legend Lamer is out of the top 33 rankings. Shane Griffith as of late has shown us exactly why he was an NCAA champion in 2021 & exactly why he's a contender for another NCAA title in 2023. Griffith will win this battle, no question about it. Yet I do think Lamer will come at him with everything he has. This dual takes place in San Luis Obispo & he'll make Griffith earn it. 

#25 Tyler Eischens Vs U.R. Brawley Lamer 
174 lbs 

The last time these two met, Brawley Lamer was able to keep it to a decision, losing 7-1. I'm anxious to see if he can once again keep it to a decision or if this time Eischens can get the major.  Taking place on Cal Poly's mats, I'm gonna guess that it ends in another decision. 

#31 Nick Stemmet Vs #5 Bernie Truax
197 lbs 

Stanford is favored in quite a few of these matches, but not here. This is where Cal Poly is favored & where Truax can put on a show for the Mustang wrestling fans. I do think Stemmet will hold on to his ranking & be a qualifier out of the PAC 12's, but this match will be all Truax. Wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't end in a major. 

U.R. Peter Ming Vs U.R. Trevor Tinker

This match could be absolutely essential. Here's the thing. It's all but written in stone that Arizona State's Cohlton Schultz is gonna win the PAC-12 championship. That I'll more or less say I do know. What I don't know if is if the PAC-12 will get an NCAA qualification  bid for the runner-up or not. I am lingering on a weak maybe at the moment. I would almost guarantee that the conference will not send 3rd.  Granted #2 Vs #3 meet up in the semi-finals regardless, but going in with a win over someone Vs going in with a loss can make a world of difference.  

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