Friday, February 10, 2023

Michigan Vs Iowa Preview (Tonight Friday Feb 10th)


A dual that is always fun season after season, the #8 Michigan Wolverines will test their skills against the #2 Iowa Hawkeyes. Throughout the years Michigan has had a habit of upsetting Iowa & the chances of another upset are not out of the question. Iowa will have to keep on their toes & win where they're supposed to win in order to avoid it. 

#18 Jack Medley Vs #1 Spencer Lee 

In two matches with Spencer Lee thus far, Jack Medley once kept it to an 8-1 decision, The other time, it was a 19-3 technical fall for the Hawkeye. If Michigan wants to remain in the battle with Iowa, it is essential that Medley once again keeps it to a decision. If Lee gets on a hot streak again, good luck. 

#12 Dylan Ragusin Vs #16 Brody Teske

I wouldn't rule out an upset for Iowa in this match, but Michigan is definitely favored. We have two of the best 133 lbs'ers yet to earn All American honors going head to head tonight. Both of these guys are hungry and ready to prove themselves & victory here is important. 

#27 Cole Mattin Vs #2 Real Woods 

Here's where Iowa can pick up some bonus. Real Woods has looked exceptionally good so far this year & has earned his #2 ranking. Do I think he could get a major decision on Cole Mattin? If this were taking place in Ann Arbor I would doubt it more, but since it's taking place in Iowa City, where adrenaline will be at an all time high, I give it a greater probability. Half of his matches this season have been via bonus points. Mattin has only been bonused once this year, but he has also not faced much competition the level of Woods yet either. 

#22 Chance Lamer Vs #6 Max Murin

Good ole textbook scientific match is what I see before me here. I think Lamer will give Murin all he can, but Murin's ability to counter just about anything & pull offense out of nowhere, I believe will be too much for the Wolverine. I don't see a major decision here, but I do feel that Murin will win this match without ever being in any danger. 

#9 Will Lewan Vs #14 Cobe Siebrecht 

These are the matches that make the duals fun.  Michigan has came into Iowa City and handed Iowa a loss before. If they are to repeat history & do it again tonight, then they're gonna have to win where they're predicted to win & they're gonna have to pull off a few upsets themselves. This match is absolutely crucial for the Wolverines. A must win. Lewan is gonna have to ward off 15,000 screams against him & wrestle his match. Siebrect who is on a high after defeating Minnesota's Brayton Lee, isn't looking to come down off of it anytime soon. He has an opportunity to be a hero by putting Michigan out of a reach with an upset here. 

#4 Cam Amine Vs #7 Patrick Kennedy

Another crucial match for both teams. Cam Amine at the moment as far as I'm concerned rides the fence of title contender/just outside of title contender. I mean do you group him in with the likes of David Carr of Iowa State, Keegan O'Toole of Missouri & Shane Griffith of Stanford (+ others) or do you leave him just outside of it?  Then we have Patrick Kennedy. A guy who has continuously proven himself throughout the season with some high quality victories. 

Here's the nitty, gritty.  Amine defeated Dean Hamiti of Wisconsin earlier this season 5-3, who defeated Kennedy 4-3.  Yet Alex Facundo of Penn State defeated Amine 6-5 tiebreaker, who in turn lost to Kennedy 2-1 tiebreaker. 

So what am I saying here?  I'm saying that we have ourselves what looks to be one of the best matches of the night.  This high up into the weight classes, if we start at 125, I would think the pressure could possibly be heavier on Iowa than it would be on Michigan. I say this because let's face it, with Abe Assad out of the lineup, the Wolverines are getting bonus at 184 lbs. Matt Finesilver will get nothing less than a major decision if he doesn't get a pin.  That's crucial bonus points for Michigan.  Iowa may very well need the upset in this match. 

#28 Max Maylor Vs #16 Nelson Brands
174 lbs 

Nearing the end of his junior season, Nelson Brands hasn't done anything yet this year to really define himself as a Hawkeye hero. Tonight could very well provide him with an excellent opportunity.  Against Michigan it's not unforeseeable that the Hawks may need a bonus point victory. Brands is in a position to do that. This isn't taking anything away from Max Maylor, but it is saying that talent & ability wise, Nelson Brands has it within him to wrestle much better than the current #16 they have him at now. He opens up, he could very well have Carver Hawkeye arena on its feet celebrating a bonus point victory. 

So we know that 184 is most likely going to end in bonus for Michigan & by all means 197 should end in bonus for Iowa. I would think that Jake Warner could rack up at least 8 points against losing record Brendin Yatooma or 1-1 Bobby Striggow. In a dual of this importance against a team starving for a huge upset, I would hope anyway. 

That leaves us with what could very well be our main event!! 

#1 Mason Parris Vs #3 Tony Cassioppi

Thus far in three meetings, it has been all Wolverine when Mason Parris & Tony Cassioppi have met up. An 11-5 decision, Parris has pinned Cassioppi the other two times they have met (0:58 & 4:31).  Carver is an arena of magic though & that should be a consideration for both men going into this match. Not that Parris hasn't too, but Cassioppi has been working extremely hard. I can see this match being very close. I don't even want to imagine how deafening it will be if Cass pulls off the upset.  Parris is #1 right now & he plans on leaving tonight #1. His victory could very well end up being what seals the deal for Michigan.  We'll see tonight!! 

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