Monday, February 22, 2021

EIWA Quick Thoughts After Pre-Seed Release

Now that seeds have been released going to go through all of the weights and give a quick analysis of a few things that I think stick out. 

125 lbs 

These are going to be exciting semi-finals that could as easily produce a #4 Vs #3 final as it could a #1 Vs #2.  

#1 Jaret Lane of Lehigh Vs #4 Dylan Ryder of Hofstra is going to be a good match. These two haven't met yet.  Ryder has the tools and capabilities to win an EIWA title. An upset here wouldn't surprise me at all. 

#2 Logan Treastor of Navy Vs #3 Gage Curry of American.  Curry hasn't wrestled yet this season, so I wasn't 100% positive if he was going to be in the EIWA tournament or not. He's a dangerous, go getter that has a history of wrestling well at the EIWA tournament. After earning a wildcard in 2018, he finished 3rd in 2019 & 4th in 2020.  He owns a 3-2 victory over Treastor last season.  Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him in the finals.  Has never wrestled Lane, has split with Ryder in a 5-0 win & a 12-8 loss. 

133 lbs 

#1 Malyke Hines of Lehigh would have been seeded pretty high at 141 had he gone that weight instead as he recently defeated #2 Zach Trampe of Binghamton.  As a fan of Darren Miller's I'd love to see his #2 seed hold and him make the finals.  It'd be a great thing for Bucknell wrestling.  However a recent 6-4 loss to #6 Mark Montgomery of Army sticks out in my mind.   I also think that Jacob Allen of Navy will prove to be better than his #7 seed. 

141 lbs 

#1 Cody Trybus of Navy has more than earned his #1 seed & should give the Midshipmen an EIWA champion.  Not convinced that he'll face #2 Trampe though.  #3 Lane Peters of Army gave Trampe a Hell of a match at last year's EIWA's in a wild 9-8 fiasco.  We could very well see a battle of the ground vs the sea.  

149 lbs 

This is a tough weight class full of a lot of good wrestlers.  They're only allotted three at the moment but I KNOW they'll take the top four here & I THINK they'll take the top five.  Which doesn't bode well for #6 Greg Gaxiola of Hofstra. I'd like to see him at least out do his seed by one and place fifth or better but on paper that looks like a tall order.  #5 Luke Nichter of Drexel handled him fairly easily 7-2. 

157 lbs 

It could very well end up #1 Holden Heller of Hofstra Vs #2 Markus Hartman of Army but the last person I'd over look in any match is #3 Parker Kropman of Drexel.  He's an "Under the lights" wrestler who has shown up and delivered more than once in his career. With such victories as Matt Kolodzik and Jared Prince, knockin off the #2 & #3 seeds in route to an EIWA crown would not surprise me at all. 

165 lbs 

Feel pretty comfortable here.  #1 Zach Hartman of Bucknell Vs #2 Tanner Skidgel of Navy should prove to be an exciting final. Skidgel upset Hartman in last year's EIWA final.  Anxious to see if he can do it again. 

174 lbs 

I think as long as Michael O'Malley of Drexel doesn't put the cart in front of the horse, he ought to match by match work his way to an EIWA title. 

184 lbs 

I'd be outright shocked if Louie DePrez of Binghamton does anything other than absolutely dominate his way to an EIWA title.  My prediction for O.W. 

197 lbs 

Is Jake Jakobsen's real name really Jon or is that a typo of Intermat's part?   Either way he's earned the #1 seed and owns a 7-1 victory over #2 J.T. Brown of Army.   I don't think he'll win that solidly this time though.  I think Brown gives him a better match. 


#1 Jordan Wood wins his fourth in what I believe will eventually be five (He's eligible again next year right?????) EIWA titles.  That' I'm sold on.   What I'm not sold on is that he meets #2 John Birchmeier of Navy in the finals.  Yes, yes he has already defeated both #3 Zachary Knighton-Ward of Hofstra (4-3) & #4 Bobby Heald of Army (6-4) but which ever of the two he ends up facing in the semi-finals I'm not sold he defeats this time.  

Like em', hate em', don't care about em' either way these are my thoughts as we head towards the EIWA championships. 

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