Friday, March 10, 2023

2023 - Best Not To Qualify NCAA DI Nationals Part II

 Starting where I left off, we're now gonna take a look at 165-HWT. 

Legend Lamer
Cal Poly 
165 lbs 

I think Legend Lamer of Cal Poly deserves a mention. A two time NCAA qualifier, he finished 3rd at the PAC-12's with his only loss being a close one to '21 Champ, '22 NCAA runner-up Shane Griffith of Stanford. Needs to adjust better to the 165 lbs class, but once he does, I think he can even AA. 

Lucas Revano
165 lbs 

I was rather surprised that Lucas Revano got left at home. 20 wins on the season, he defeated Holden Heller 8-2 & has two victories over Joshua Kim of Harvard (10-5 & 3-1).  He was 7th at the Midlands. 

165 lbs
Enrique Munguia
Kent State 

What killed Enrique Munguia in terms of NCAA qualification this season was a lack of consistency.  When he was on he was ON, but when he was off, he was OFF.  A Navy Classic champ, he had some very nice wins on the season.  A 13-3 thrashing of Appalachian State's Will Formato, he defeated Nebraska's Bubba Wilson 10-6 & Gardner Webb's R.J. Mosley 6-3. He was the runner-up at the MAC. 

Baylor Fernandes of Northern Colorado?  Roller coaster of a season for the guy who has seemed to battle injuries his entire career. Had a very nice 7-3 victory over All American Wyatt Sheets of Oklahoma State.   Take him or leave him, moving on to 174....

Michael Wilson
174 lbs 

I think Wilson is one of the stronger cases to be made at 174. Lost the "True place" match at the MAC's not to qualify but I would like to think was a strong argument in the at large selection meeting. 27-11 on the season defeated Tate Picklo of Oklahoma 3-1 & John Worthing of Clarion 7-3. 

Hayden Hastings
174 lbs 

Here's another one that just rips the heart in half.  We all have off days in our lives & it absolutely sucks that Hayden Hasting's off day happened to be his final BIG 12 tournament. A four time NCAA qualifier, he was one match shy of being an All American last season.  12-6 on the year. 

Scott Joll
West Virginia 
174 lbs 

Another tough BIG 12 wrestler to not make the NCAA championships this year is Scott Joll of West Virginia. Among his notable wins, a 15-2 major decision over All American Jackson Turley of Rutgers. 

Kole Mulhauser
174 lbs 

I believe Mulhauser is a true freshman & he had himself a pretty nice season despite it not ending in NCAA qualification.  A 10-3 decision over Tyler Stoltzfus of Lock Haven & an 8-3 decision over Cael Valencia of Arizona State. He was 7th at the Midlands. 

Sammy DePrez of Binghamton?  Again, sick of the word or not, consistency IS the word.  Had some nice wins this year, but also had some ugly losses.  11-3 over Lennox Wolak of Columbia.  Lance Runyon of Northern Iowa?  He did stick Stoltzfus in 47 seconds, but the two time NCAA qualifier was also only 5-7 on the year. 

DeAndre Nassar
Cleveland State
184 lbs 

I feel that in any situation where it comes down to DeAndre Nassar and someone else, someone else always gets the nod. Not sure why but thus far he's been 3rd-3rd-4th-3rd in the MAC & out of those three bonze medal finishes, only one has gotten him to the NCAA tournament.  He was 17-13 on the season & honestly many of those 13 losses were 1-2 or 3 point differentials. Nassar turns those into victories, even if his finish is once again 3rd, I don't see how they'll be able to leave him out next year.  Or least I hope they wouldn't. 

And honestly that's my strongest feeling via 184.  Other names could make the list but felt strongest about Nassar. 

Keegan Moore
197 lbs 

I already know what someone of you are thinking.  6-11?!??!? Yes, he did have a 6-11 record this season, but let's take a look at half of his victories.  A 34 second fall over Luke Surber of Oklahoma Sate, an 8-6 decision over SOCON camp Caleb Hopkins of Campbell & a 10-6 decision over Cade King of South Dakota State.  Yes, I do believe he deserves mention here & I'm sticking with it. 

And, again, same as 184, that's the only one that really stuck out to me at 197. 

As to HWT, I feel for the most part who should have made the NCAA's, DID make the NCAA's.  I could argue Zachary Knight-Ward of Hofstra, but he didn't really have any wins that really stuck out this season. A three time NCAA qualifier, he was 17-13 on the season.  

Ben Furman of Cornell would be another one that rides the fence. 

Again these are all my opinion.  Hope you enjoyed the read! 

Feel free to give me more names that you feel should make the list. 

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