Sunday, December 29, 2019

THE MIDLANDS: Best of The Early Round Matchups

Sometimes the first round match-ups aren't always the greatest.  Of course their will be some huge upsets but things don't really start to get exciting until round two & its the Quarter-finals when we start seeing the really good stuff.  Yet, if you study the brackets there are always some great first round match-ups that are must sees.  If you're wondering what they are, in my opinion here are four "Can't Miss" early round match ups.

125 lbs Round of 32  (8) Gage Curry of American Vs Kyle Biscoglia of Northern Iowa 

I think this is going to be a really good match-up between an unpredictable & experienced junior and a hungry and solid freshman.  What makes this match interesting is the parity behind it.  Curry has beaten Penn's Carmen Ferrante whereas Biscoglia has lost to him.  However, Biscoglia has defeated Old Dominion's Michael McGee whereas Curry has lost to him.  It'll be an interesting match.

141 lbs Round of 32 (5) Shakur Laney of Ohio Vs Pat D'Arcy of Princeton 

These two have met only once in the past and Laney barely squeaked by D'Arcy in a 2-1 victory. D'Arcy has been battling injuries & hasn't been 100%, so that could determine the outcome of the match. However, with as close as it was last time, I wouldn't write off a plausible upset.

141 lbs Round of 32 (11) Sal Profaci of American Vs Alec McKenna of Northwestern 

These two have already met one another three times.  Profaci won the first two meetings by convincing scores of 7-3 & 8-2.  Yet the last time they stepped on the mat it was McKenna who has his hand raised in a 7-6 victory.  The Midlands is Northwestern's event.  McKenna is wrestling on home mats in front of a home crowd.  That can make a huge difference.   Anxious to see what happens in meeting #4 between these two.

149 lbs Round of 64 (9) Cole Martin of Wisconsin Vs Jeren Glosser of Iowa 

As far as I'm concerned this is going to be the best of the first round match-ups.  Glosser in my opinion is one of the best backups in the country.  Said it many times and I'm saying it again today. Had he gone to another school, he'd be a multiple time NCAA qualifier & high conference place-winner in the least.  I think he shows that today against Martin.  These two gladiators have two things in common. Both have lost to Ryan Deakin of Northwestern and both have pinned Eric Barone of Illinois. This is going to be a good one.


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